Nontrivial Valentine’s Day Ideas

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“Love is in the air everywhere I look around….”   Is it Valentine’ s Day today? Yes, it is here: time to give gifts and flowers to your sweethearts and have a wonderful time on dates. You are probably tired of typical dates that you can’t even recall a month later. If you’re looking for something extraordinary and memorable, check out this list of truly awe-inspiring and romantic Valentine’s Day ideas that we came up with. Just keep in mind that almost all of them require having a car and a drivers license. (Can’t drive yet? Earn your license and save these ideas for next year!) 

Old-fashioned and therefore incredibly romantic–the  drive-in movie . Movies in parks and drive-ins are rare these days, and many have never had the experience of watching a film under the open skies, so chances are that your sweetie will remember this date for a long time. Get some popcorn, tune in your car radio, and enjoy the romantic atmosphere in your private theater.

Valentine's Day ideas: drive-in movies

2. Take your beloved on a  romantic drive . It will be a good experience regardless of where you live. Drive on the ocean coast by the tired warm light of the falling sun, enjoy the lights of downtown from the city suburbs, or head to your favorite vista point, where you can observe a fascinating view. Think about your playlist in advance–good music will certainly earn you an extra point and will put both of you in a sentimental mood.
Valentine's Day ideas: a romantic drive


3. Valentine’s Day can be a good reason or excuse for an exotic experience. Rent an exotic/luxury car and have the ride of your dream. Or romance it up under the open skies that you can enjoy in a convertible car with the top down.

Valentine's Day ideas: rent a fancy car

Another really uncommon but terribly interesting Valentine’s Day adventure– stargazing . Borrow a truck from a neighbor and flee as far away from the blinding city lights as possible to enjoy dark clear skies and blinking stars. You can come to the spot earlier and watch the sunset and then change the show into stargazing. One thing! To impress your date, look up and remember the names of some constellations, and confidently start talking about them when they come out.
Valentine's Day ideas: stargazing

Get rid of the car (don’t be scared, it’s just for one evening!), so you can use your garage as a summer campground . Assemble a tent, put a lot of rugs and blankets on the floor, decorate the walls and imitate a bonfire (the real one would be definitely more helpful, but I guess we won’t freak out the neighbors this time). Hot soup in metal camping bowls and an abundance of lit candles will create the environment of a lakeside evening.

Valentine's Day ideas: garage camping

One more nice thing that won’t substitute a date, but will surely astonish your love– secretly decorating her/his car with flowers, post cards, pictures and balloons. It will be a good surprise on early Valentine’s Day morning, and will make the standard commute something special and memorable. You can go further and use washable crayons to write nice and warm words on the car’s odometer.

flowers on car

If you really want to be invited on one of such dates, you can just modestly direct your beloved to this blog post and give him or her a hint. And don’t forget: where there is great love, there is great imagination. If you’ve ever had, or are planning to have, amazingly romantic Valentine’s date experiences and have brilliant Valentine’s Day ideas, share them in the comments to inspire others!