The Top 4 States for Costly Teen Car Insurance

Car insurance rates may seem like they're more expensive than ever. And if you're a teen driver (or a parent paying to insure one), car insurance rates are probably giving you heartburn right now. That said, some states definitely pay more than others in 2018. Will you be picking up a big tab for teen car insurance this year? Check out our roundup of the country's most expensive states for insuring young drivers and see if your state made the list.

Understanding Teen Car Insurance Rates

It turns out that insurance rates vary from one state to another for a lot of reasons. Weather, local driver behavior, and other factors can all play in. As unbelievable as it sounds, being just across the border in one state from where your friends live could mean that you pay a much higher premium than they do for car insurance. Teen drivers are already higher risk as a group than most others and typically pay more, to begin with, but location can absolutely influence your rates.

"There are many factors that go into determining new driver rates," says a spokesperson from The Zebra, an online car insurance marketplace. Location is an important part of that, and this can mean dramatically different rates even between different states. 

Already, adding a teen driver to your policy will usually set you back some serious dollars. In 2018, this means paying approximately 82 percent more on average, regardless of where you live. As this article proves, though, you'll probably be thankful you don't pay as much as these four states do! 

1. Rhode Island

According to data from an annual study, Rhode Island drivers pay 137% more if they want to add a teen to their car insurance policy. 

Ouch! You'd end up paying more than double just for one more person. 

2. Arizona

With a whopping 118.5% increase to your car insurance policy, Arizona is the second on our list. Teen driving there means paying double—now that's a hit to the budget!

Teen drivers concerned about their rates should shop around, drive responsibly and seek whatever discounts they can. 

3. New Hampshire

117.7% more—that's what New Hampshire's drivers have to pay if they have a teen driver in their household. 

4. West Virginia

At 100.4% higher, West Virginia's car insurance customers with teen drivers know what painful rates look like and they're paying high ones in 2018. Let's hope they also find some great discounts to help manage those rates!

Want Lower Rates?

One of the easiest ways to reduce your rates is by shopping around. If you haven't compared your rates yet or if you're keeping the same policy you've been using for years, it's important to remember that rates do change from year to year and your best deal may be out there somewhere with a different insurance carrier. Visit our Car Insurance Resource Center to receive teen auto insurance quotes for your family.

Another tip—ask your existing insurance carrier about specials and discounts. Your insurer will be happy to help you get the most for your money. 

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