Thanksgiving Driving: Tips to Keep You Safe

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An estimated 43 million people will be spending part of their Thanksgiving driving. If you’ll be hitting the road tomorrow, stay safe! Thanksgiving is the most dangerous day of the year for driving.

Don’t let a mistake behind the wheel ruin your holiday. Follow these important tips for safe Thanksgiving driving.

Check Road Conditions

snowy road

There’s some nasty weather brewing on the East Coast! Before you leave, check traffic and weather conditions so you can prepare for wind , rain, snow , sleet, or whatever you might encounter on your way.

Check the Distractions

Don’t forget to put the devices away. If you’re using your smartphone for directions, then set it up before you start the engine, or ask a passenger to use their phone and take over the navigating duties.

If you’re traveling with kids , make sure they’re all properly strapped in and occupied before you start your trip so you won’t get distracted by any backseat emergencies.

No Drunk Driving

drunk driving This one is pretty self-explanatory. Drinking and driving isn’t worth the risk, and police will definitely be out looking for drunk drivers this holiday weekend.

Make sure your group decides on a designated driver. If you’re the only driver and you intend to have a few drinks, make sure to stop early enough so you can sober up before you get in the car. If all else fails, ask your gracious hosts if you can crash on the couch.

No Drowsy Driving

Get plenty of sleep before your trip so you’ll be ready for a full day of driving. Chugging coffee, blasting the stereo, and cranking up the A/C don’t always work. So, if you start to feel sleepy while you’re driving , pull over to the side of the road to rest, or switch off with someone else.

Even if you do catch a full night’s sleep, you still might feel like sawing logs after you’ve carved the turkey. If you do fall into a food coma after eating, wait until it’s passed before you get in the car.

No Speeding

If you’re find yourself running late, you may be tempted to put the pedal to the metal to transport yourself toward that roast turkey a little faster. But remember that 43 million other people are going to be out on Thanksgiving driving. Speeding isn’t a good idea when the roads are congested and weather is bad (or even when they’re not). You don’t want to end up spending your holiday in the ICU or taking a traffic school course for a speeding ticket.

Buckle Up

I’m definitely going to be wearing my elastic waist pants this Thursday. Don’t deny it–many of you will be doing the same. After gobbling up a sumptuous and bountiful meal, you might think that strapping yourself in with a seat belt is a bit uncomfortable.

Well, not to get too graphic or anything, but wearing a seat belt is definitely not as uncomfortable as getting thrown through a windshield. Seat belts save lives . Be sure to wear yours this weekend.

Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everybody!