Neat Infographic: 50 Quirky Facts About Cars

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An infographic is a fun and easy way to put a lot of information in your head in a hurry. As driver education professionals, we’re always on the lookout for good ones.

If you want to learn some really interesting things about cars, the infographic below will do nicely! Car facts from a lot of perspectives: technological, financial, cars across the world, cars through time. Cars cars cars cars cars. Cars everywhere!

But there is one very interesting fact about cars that you won’t find anywhere in that infographic: you have to have a license to drive one. Here’s another bonus fact–presented completely free, because that’s how we roll–there is no better road to your license than the one that runs through fast, fun, high-quality drivers ed with . So there you go: one infographic, 52 quirky facts about cars. See you in the streets!

Infographic Time: Cars, Driving, and You

infographic: 50 quirky facts about cars
50 quirky facts about cars — created by the team at Car Loan 4U