How I Became a Driver: My First Drivers License

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It’s easy to focus on the steps you’ll have to take and the procedures you’ll have to follow to get your drivers license–and it’s even easier to forget what a big step you’re really taking!

On the way to a drivers license: taking the driving test

Getting that first drivers license is much more than just taking drivers ed, studying for your written test, and going out for driving lessons. It’s a huge milestone in a person’s life, a milestone that can come with all kinds of stress.

Knowing what to expect is always a good idea, so we’d like to pass along the story of Maeve Dunigan about some of the scarier and funnier moments from her licensing process.

It reminded me a little bit of my own story–when I first went to take my road test, they told me I couldn’t do it in my own car! At the time, I was really stressed about it, but since my car was a ’69 Chevy Caprice, it was probably for the best: can you imagine trying to pass a driving test when you have to parallel park a car that’s more than 17 feet long!?

How about your experience? We are always glad to hear the stories from our former students , now successful drivers. We are proud to observe how novice drivers develop their confidence and easily overcome tricky road situations, which seemed terrifying at the beginning.

We see our job as more than just teaching boring drivers education and the simplest behind-the-wheel training. We teach you the real driving principles that keep you safe and get you where you’re going. We also try to do everything we can to make the process of your education as easy and fun as possible. Your first drivers license is a big deal, and so is the driving you will do for the rest of your life: it’s just too important not to do right!

Got your own story about your first license? We’d sure love to hear it, so sound off in the comments or send us an email!