Mentor: A parent’s helping hand during supervised driving practice

So, your teen is ready for supervised driving practice. That’s excellent! But, where do  you  , as the parent, begin? The process can seem a little daunting. But, with a helping hand, you can use the supervised practice period to shape your teen into a safe, confident driver who is ready for anything on the road.

Mentor for Families by eDriving is a personal coach that gives you the confidence you’re teaching your teen everything they need to learn during supervised driving practice. The Mentor app will help you log your teen’s driving hours and keep track of the trips your teen has made. Better still, you’ll receive reassurance that your teen is building the skills they need to be a safe driver.

And, because Mentor is app-based, everything is stored on your teen’s smartphone. That means that you — and your teen — can review their progress at the touch of a screen.

Mentor for Families helps parents conduct supervised driving practice

 One step at a time 
Learning to become a safe driver doesn’t happen overnight. Of course, that’s the whole point of the supervised driving practice period: it takes time to develop the skills needed to be a confident and competent driver. Our expert recommendation is to wait until your teen has completed their driving lessons with a professional instructor before you let them begin practice driving. After that, it’s time to take practicing to the road.

 Here’s a top tip for you.  Begin supervised practice in a parking lot or quiet residential area. And, in the first few lessons, only expect your teen to drive a few miles. Start with the basics, such as simple vehicle control, then move onto longer trips. The tricky part is knowing when your teen’s ready to learn a new skill. Mentor for Families details how your teen is progressing with key skills such as braking, cornering, and acceleration. And you’ll easily identify weaker areas before they turn into bad habits!

 Tracking driving hours
During supervised practice, your teen must rack up a certain number of driving hours ( check the requirements where you live ), including some at night. Your teen should gradually build experience of driving at different times of day, in various locations, on every day of the week and in all types of weather. This exposes them to a wide range of driving environments and helps prepare them for driving alone.

Keeping track of this information is a breeze with Mentor, as the app records the details of every trip your teen makes — including the time, date and exact route. And, because it gives your teen a FICO® Safe Driving Score after every trip, you can see how their skills improve as they make repeat journeys. To ensure your teen’s score improves, Mentor supplements your training with a “playlist” of 3- to 5-minute, in-app coaching modules based on his or her driving performance. So, your teen gets to see exactly where they’re going wrong and how they can improve  before  they get back on the road.

 Shaping good driving behavior
The supervised period is the time when YOU have the opportunity to influence the way your teen drives, forever. That’s why it’s important to make the most of it.

Think of Mentor for Families like a Fitbit for new drivers. You don’t wait until you’re at the peak of fitness to start monitoring your progress with Fitbit. You start measuring your performance right away so you can identify areas for improvement, strive to do better, and feel a sense of achievement when you accomplish your goals. That’s exactly what Mentor can do for your teen during the supervised period. And the best news is that  y    our teen will learn to be a safer driver from day one!  

 A final tip:  Go practice driving with your teen as often as you can. And don’t view your state’s required number of driving hours as a goal. View it as the very minimum, and go way beyond! Taking your teen practice driving in the rain might seem odd, but it will give them tons more confidence for when they must do it alone. And once your teen  is  driving independently, Mentor is the peace of mind you need that they’re sticking to the rules of the road and maintaining the good driving habits that you’ve helped to shape.

Get a head start: Download Mentor for Families to help track your teen’s progress during the supervised driving practice period.

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