Earn your driving privileges faster with Mentor for Families

Download Mentor for Families today to track, measure, progress, and get on the road (safely!) as soon as possible. It’s a classic Catch 22 that all new drivers face: In order to gain more driving privileges, you need to prove you are responsible; but you can only prove you’re responsible by being able to drive. How can younger drivers convince their parents that they’re staying safe behind the wheel? The new Mentor for Families by eDriving app might be able to help you out.

Mentor for Families tracks and analyzes your driving habits and provides personalized feedback and tips. It’s like your personal driving coach.

Feedback based on your data

Mentor for Families tracks data on each trip you take, as well as analyzes trends over time. To help build skills and reinforce good habits, Mentor proactively chimes in with tips and reminders based on how you’re driving. It’s fun, friendly, and adds an element of healthy competition to developing good driving habits.

You’ll also receive personalized recommendations for training modules that target skills you need to improve, all available within the app.

A single score to show progress

Mentor consolidates all of your driving data into a single unit of measure called your FICO ® Safe Driving Score. You can also track improvement in single skill areas. The idea is to provide a framework for tracking your progress, which will be much more convincing to your parents than your friends’ validation or the fact that you haven’t been in an accident yet.

Demonstrating an improved FICO ® Safe Driving Score might help convince your parents to allow extra privileges, such as staying out an extra hour or taking the car for a weekend camping trip. Your FICO ® Safe Driving Score might also come in handy if you end up in a fender bender and need to help convince your insurance provider that you are an overall safe driver.

Help to earn your car keys

It’s not always easy for parents to feel comfortable handing over the keys to the family vehicle. They know that learning to drive well takes time. They also know from direct experience how dangerous the roads can be and how many bad drivers are out there. Mentor can help you convince your parents that you’re not one of those bad drivers.

Download Mentor for Families today to track, measure, progress, and get on the road (safely!) as soon as possible.

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