Distracted Driving PSA from Glee

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Every Glee-admirer remembers the epic episode in season 3, where Quinn got into a car accident. Distracted driving was the culprit, in particular, Quinn being distracted by her phone. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of being exposed to the show, I will explain. One of the main characters, Quinn Fabray, played by Dianna Agron, drives to a wedding. She is running late. She decides to send an “On my way” text to her friend Rachel. Count down from 5 now. She reaches for the phone. 4. Her hand is holding the phone. 3. She starts to type. 2. Her eyes are off the road. 1. The truck crashes into the side of her car.

So this 30 second video was taken directly from the April-aired episode and now is a Public Service Announcement for the “Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks” campaign. The new PSA will run and air as an advertisement on TV channels to attract people’s attention to the problem of distracted driving.

The statistics and facts are terrifying: the research has shown that text messaging while driving creates a crash risk 23 times worse than driving while not distracted.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Administrator David Strickland said “It’s imperative that we help educate the public about the dangers of texting while driving. These new PSAs show that distracted driving can have serious consequences, and we hope that’s a message young drivers take to heart and share with their friends.”

What about you? When you’re in the car, do you focus all your attention on driving, or do you fiddle with your phone and run the risk of distracted driving and a deadly collision? In more and more states, distracted driving is against the law, so it’s not just dangerous, it’s illegal! If you text when you drive, you’ll wreck when you drive, and that’s a message you need to understand.