Teen talk: 5 Stars for Mentor, eDriving’s new app!

DriversEd.com teen blogger Jett Roberts, 16, is a student at Bishop O’ Dowd High School in Oakland, California. Jett is working toward obtaining his drivers license and currently drives under adult supervision with a California permit.

eDriving, the parent company of DriversEd.com, has released a new app, Mentor for Families by eDriving , which tracks your driving trips and provides feedback on your driving performance. I found it very useful over the past week of testing and would recommend it to all my readers. This new service will help you learn where you can improve, and will make you the excellent driver your parents crave.

Mentor for Families by eDriving Once you’ve downloaded and logged into the app, it connects to your phone’s GPS to track where you (or whoever is driving the car) go when you drive. While you’re in the car it keeps track of everything you do and records a detailed synopsis of all your driving maneuvers. It tracks and provides feedback on things like hard braking, acceleration rate, speed (including if you go over the speed limit), taking corners too hard, and notes when your phone is being used while the car is in motion (which it shouldn’t be!).

Here are some of the key features I particularly liked:

    • Jett's Mentor score

      Jett has a Mentor score of 768! Congrats, Jett!

      Tracking my driving time : Since I’ve been driving with my permit I’ve kept a little notepad on my phone with a record of my driving, but this app is automated. It tracks day and time and the duration of your drive. Better yet, it is a cumulative total for those of us (like me) who need to accrue “X” amount of hours behind the wheel before I can get my license. According to the state of California, I will need 50 hours of driving to get my license, including 10 hours of nighttime driving. And Mentor is going to keep track of that time for me!

    • Quality of drive : After downloading the app, I used it first with someone else driving to measure the quality of the driving experience. As I mentioned, it gave input on things like the quality of stops (smoothness), how well the driver takes curves, and speed limit violations. On a drive into San Francisco it told my Mom, who was driving, that she had exceeded the speed limit 5 times (you can click on a map to find out exactly where on the route that happened) and that she had “smooth maneuvers” another 5 times. You should have seen the look on her face when I told her this! Also, it said she had braked too abruptly once.
    • Scores key qualities of the driving experience : The app will assign a score to each of  your drives, and compares that total and your progress to other drivers using the app in your state and country. You can set stretch goals, or your parents could even set a goal you must hit before you can get your license. In the meantime, Mentor also sets a goal for your driving score. For example, my goal is 850, and right now I have 768. I’m lobbying to get my license once I hit that 850 mark!
    • Shows you exactly where you made your mistakes : When you go to the “trips” tab and click on the desired trip, it shows you the exact time and place of your error. It also does this for your smooth maneuvers. This feature helps you appreciate your strengths and fix your weak spots while you drive.

Other things it can do:

  • Shows you how you stack up on your driving technique
  • Counts how many trips you take
  • Counts how many miles you have driven

Getting the app

DriversEd.com offers Mentor for Families through Apple and Google’s app stores.

Overall, I would rate this app with 5 stars. If you are new to driving, I think you are going to really like it!

Learn more about Mentor for Families :

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