3 Driving Skills You’ll Learn by Taking Drivers Ed

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GettyImages-693349654 Many teens gawk in disgust at the possibility that they’ll have to enroll in a drivers education course. They think about how annoying it will be to sit in 30+ hours of listening to an instructor talk about road signs, and then teach them how to parallel park around a few cones when they finally get to sit behind the wheel. But, drivers ed courses teach students a lot more than how to park. In fact, classes will provide teens with insight into many laws most teens would never know (in fact most adults don’t know) which will help prevent accidents.

From learning how to correctly change lanes to understanding bike lanes , drivers ed provides students invaluable insights to traffic laws and rules they’d otherwise never learn from a practice book or online exam.

3 Driving Skills Only Drivers Ed Can Teach You

1. Bike Lane Awareness and Safety

Most drivers, including adults who’ve been driving their entire lives, aren’t aware of the road rules regarding bike lanes. Our course teaches students that the only time it is legal for them to drive through a bike lane is when they’re making a turn .  These turns include: entering an alley, private road, or a driveway.

2. Appropriate Lane Usage

Another everyday rule teens won’t find online trying to pass their driver’s exam on their own is the rule regarding use of lanes . When a road has two or more lanes going in the same direction, drivers should remain in the right lane if they plan on driving slower. Left lanes are for faster traffic. In situations where three lanes are going in the same direction, the speed will increase accordingly (from right to left, speeds will increase).

Drivers who aren’t aware of this rule can cause road rage in other drivers, cause on-road arguments, slow down traffic, or possibly a significant accident.

3. Carpool Lane Confusion

Many drivers also abuse the carpool lane. But, for many, it is because they don’t know how to correctly follow signs which dictate times when they can/can’t drive in those lanes. Many drivers also aren’t aware that HOV (high occupancy vehicle lanes) refers to carpool lanes. This can further back traffic up during busy hours. These lanes are intended for cars with two or more passengers.

In some states, including Virginia and California , HOV lanes allow motorcycles to drive and pass through the traffic lanes. For the safest travels, carpool signs should be read each time a driver enters the highway, as they can differ significantly from state to state.

Develop Your Driving Skills with DriversEd.com

GettyImages-148350835 Our in-car driving lessons are bar-none the best students can expect when it comes to learning how to drive! Students will have one leg up on other drivers who are getting ready to sit in for their driving exam relying on our patient, licensed, and certified instructors. Some reasons our courses are superior include:

  • Students can log in anytime, anywhere, to take their course on any computer or mobile device
  • Behind-the-wheel training is taught in top safety-rated vehicles
  • Online content is developed for easy understanding and an engaging experience

Our school is also the only one in the U.S. that is approved by the Road Safety Educators’ Association and accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas. So, students (and parents) can feel confident that they’re learning from the most qualified professionals in their respective field.