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Texas Teen Online Drivers Ed

School #C3244 | Online Course for Ages 14-17

Everything Teens need to meet Texas license requirements.

We also offer drivers ed courses for ages 14-17 and in-car driving lessons

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Start Your Driving Journey with Texas Teen Drivers Ed

Are you ready to start earning a drivers license? With Texas teen drivers ed, you're on the right path.

Texas law requires drivers ed for teens 14 to 17 years old. Our Texas teen drivers ed course is state-approved (by the DPS /TDLR) and has everything you need to earn a license, including online drivers education and behind-the-wheel training.

Our Texas teen drivers ed curriculum will prepare you for the DPS written permit test, and even includes unlimited free online practice tests to help prepare for the DPS Road test!

Teen Drivers Ed Options

Choose the Method that Works Best for You:

With instructor-led drivers ed, you can meet the Texas licensing requirements with the support of our certified instructors. Our professional driving instructors teach teens defensive driving skills to drive safely and confidently. After six hours you'll be able to take the online permit test included with the course. Once you have a permit, you can start in-car lessons to meet the mandatory seven hours of observation and seven hours of instruction. You can choose a driving school like ours to meet this requirement.

With parent-taught drivers ed, you can meet the Texas licensing requirements with parental participation. All you need is six hours before taking the online permit test included with the course. Once you pass, it's time to start 44 hours of in-car lessons with your parent! Just make sure to follow these steps before starting the course.

Effective, Interactive Drivers Education

DriversEd.com courses are designed to help young drivers learn. Each lesson includes interactive elements to keep you engaged and focused on learning. Our courses feature 3-D animated case studies, so students can practice making decisions in real-life situations.

Texas Teen Drivers Education You Can Count On

Our Texas Teen Drivers Ed course not only teaches you the basics of driving, but also equips you with knowledge on defensive driving techniques to maximize your safety behind the wheel. Additionally, we'll teach you how to deal with potentially dangerous situations on the Texas roads.

As a TDLR-licensed school with more than 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge, expertise, and familiarity with Texas drivers safety to ensure your success behind the wheel.

Get started today. When you enroll with DriversEd.com, rest assured you're training with the best. Our school is accredited by the Driving School Association of the Americas.

For more information about Texas Teen Drivers Ed, please review the FAQs below.