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Earn your license the easy way with Denton teen drivers ed online (for ages 14+)


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Texas teen drivers ed online is the fastest way to get behind the wheel and start in-car training. Sign up and start our TEA/TDLR-approved course today!


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    Prepare for required in-car lessons—not included in this course

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    TDLR-approved course + free DPS test: all online!

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  • Fast and Easy Drivers Ed

    Ready to earn your drivers license in Denton, TX? Since all teens aged 14-17 are required to take drivers ed, DriversEd.com has you covered! Take our quick and easy online Denton drivers ed course as the first step to prepare yourself for the driving permit test and in-car lessons.

    Our Denton drivers ed isn't just another boring class. It's an easy-to-understand and easy-to-remember program designed specifically for teenagers, and it's all online. You won't get bored with interactive case studies, colorful animations and educational videos. Plus, 50 DPS permit practice tests are included with the course for free!

  • DriversEd.com's Denton drivers ed course is entirely online and incredibly convenient! Spend just a minute creating your online account. There's no schedule and no pressure.

    DriversEd.com have been working in the industry for more than 10 years and know how to keep you interested in drivers education. Our class is user-friendly, informative, entertaining and certified by the State of Texas.

  • This is an all-online drivers ed course for students 14 and up. You'll still need to take in-car lessons. You can choose a parent-taught drivers ed course, which includes your in-car lessons.

    If you're over 18, you still need to take drivers ed! You can take our all-online course or a special Texas adult drivers ed course.

    • Work with professional educators with 10+ years of experience
    • Our entire program is online!
    • Choose your schedule with 24/7 access to your account
    • Bonus: 50 free DPS permit practice tests!
    • No classroom, no deadlines, no pressure

Schedule driving lessons today and learn safety and confidence in a new MINI!