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Earn your license the easy way with Arlington teen drivers ed online (for ages 14+)


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Texas teen drivers ed online is the fastest way to get behind the wheel and start in-car training. Sign up and start our TEA/TDLR-approved course today!


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    Prepare for required in-car lessons—not included in this course

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  • Arlington Drivers Ed Online: The Best Course Available

    Arlington drivers ed used to mean sitting in a dusty classroom while somebody talked a lot about driving, and maybe showed a movie every once in a while. Well, not anymore. DriversEd.com has made TEA-approved online drivers ed a reality for the students of Arlington. Drivers ed is required for teens 14-17, and our course teaches you everything you need to know to get ready to take your in-car lessons and get your license. From road rules to challenging conditions and much, much more, you'll learn it all. We use award-winning videos and our own 3-D animations to teach you the basics of vehicle control, the principles of safe driving, and everything else you'll need to be a safe driver on the roads of Arlington and beyond.

  • Our Arlington drivers ed course was developed by the industry's best. We have driving safety professionals with decades of experience working alongside education experts to craft a course that can't be beat. Then our technical team delivers the course with top-quality technology, using the latest innovations to ensure we've built a product that won't let you down.

  • This course is an all-online course for students 14 and up. When you complete it, you'll still need in-car lessons. If you're over 18, you can take this course. If you're interested in a parent-taught course that includes your in-car lessons, click here.

    • All-online drivers ed prepares you to pass the DPS exam
    • Get ready for your behind-the-wheel training with us!
    • Arlington drivers ed online fits your busy schedule
    • Fully TEA-approved for your peace of mind
    • 50 free DPS permit tests included!

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