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TDLR approved course Texas Adult Drivers Ed Online
Required for ages 18-24 | Convenient for ages 25+

Everything you need for your license

  • Skip the DPS knowledge test!
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We also offer drivers ed courses for ages 14-17 and driving lessons.

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  • Earn Your License with Texas Adult Drivers Ed for Ages 25+

    Our 6-hour Texas adult drivers ed online course is the most convenient and effective way for adults over 25 to learn the rules of the road and earn a Texas drivers license!

    DriversEd.com is approved by the Texas Education Agency and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (#C2548). By passing our course, you also pass the Texas DPS exam—without a trip to the DPS. It's all online for your utmost convenience!

  • How It Works

    • In Texas, drivers ed is recommended for drivers 25 and older. Our Texas adult drivers ed course is approved in Texas by the TEA, DPS, and TDLR. The 6-hour course is made up of interactive lessons that help you understand and remember the information you need to be a safe driver.

      • Learn from videos, 3-D animations, and case studies
      • Get a Certificate of Completion for a TEA / DPS / TDLR-approved course (LIC. #108)
      • Take the final test online—waive the DPS written test
      • Compare us to other Texas drivers ed options

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    • Our Texas adult drivers ed course is all online for your convenience. Whether you log in on your desktop or laptop, your place in the course is automatically saved. You get unlimited access to the course, so you can review information whenever you want.

      Once you complete the course and pass the final test, that's it! Your final test for the course lets you skip taking the DPS written test in person.

      • Do it all online—no trips to the notary or DPS!
      • Continue the course anytime, right where you left off
      • Chat with live customer service 24/7 for free
      • Get a Certificate of Completion—mailed for free!

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    • Here's the scoop: no matter what adult drivers education course you take in Texas, the state requires that your identity be verified.

      With other online Texas drivers ed providers, after you finish the entire 6-hour course, they send you out into the world to find a notary and have your identification confirmed as part of the final exam procedure. It's a hidden fee that can cost you between $10 and $30 just to verify your identity!

      DriversEd.com offers identity verification online, and our process is different. Before you start the course, you sign up for our voice verification system—it's free, and you do it all right at home.

      Simply make a quick phone call and record your voice password. During the course, we'll ask you to call us and provide your voice password so we know it's you. Before you take your final exam, we'll verify your identity by having you answer a few questions online. No trips to the DPS or notary are needed!

      Note: In some cases (for example, if you're a new Texas resident), online identity verification might not be available.

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    • After you complete Texas adult drivers education, you'll still have to pass the DPS road test to earn your license. Take adult driving lessons with DriversEd.com and learn from the professionals.

      Our experienced, certified instructors teach you everything from the most basic skills to the most complex technical maneuvers. Plus, you'll get to train behind the wheel of one of our MINI Countryman vehicles.

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    • Learn defensive driving techniques
    • Take advantage of our current Texas special: all 6 hours for

    Collisions can cost money and lives. We've been teaching drivers ed for over 25 years, and we're experts on traffic safety. Our Texas adult drivers ed course teaches you to prevent and handle dangerous situations on the road.

    The price of our course is now only , less than two tanks of gas. Compared to the money you'll spend on fuel, drivers ed is a great one-time investment for drivers.

    Get started and find out why we're the only school in the country that is RSEA accredited and DSAA approved.

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