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  • Teen Driving Lessons FAQ

    Want to know more about teen driving lessons before you get started? has the answers to help you get behind the wheel and on the road.

    • In some states, teens have to complete a specific number of hours of in-car teen drivers training to earn a drivers license. But even if your state doesn't require teen behind-the-wheel training, it's still a good idea to take driving lessons with a licensed driving school.

      Teen behind-the-wheel training with a licensed professional helps you gain the skill, confidence, and experience you need to become a safe, competent driver. With, you'll learn with experienced driving instructors in one of our MINI Cooper or Countryman vehicles. Each lesson is tailored to your needs and based on your progress.

    • is fully licensed and very experienced. We are the only driving school in country approved by the Road Safety Educators' Association and the Driving School Association of the Americas. We have been providing in-car driving lessons for over 25 years.

      Our instructors are always up-to-date on the latest innovations in crash avoidance, braking, and driving safety. With our in-car teen driving lessons, you'll learn the safe-driving skills needed to pass your DDS road test.

    • It's simple. To get started with your teen drivers training, first create your account—it only takes a moment! Then tell us when you're available for your lesson. We'll call you to confirm.

      When it's time for your lesson, a uniformed instructor will pick you up for your lesson for free (we'll drop you off after for free too)! You'll train in one of our MINI Cooper or Countryman cars. You can track your progress and request additional lessons online!

    • You learn to drive with licensed instructors who will patiently teach you:

      • Basic maneuvers and scanning
      • Safety devices and procedures
      • Entering traffic safely
      • Lane position tracking
      • Turning, including U-turns and three-point turns
      • Adjusting to traffic flow and space cushion driving
      • Handling intersections
      • Parking, including hill and parallel parking
      • Driving on freeways (entering and exiting)
      • Great focus on all technical skills and maneuvers
      • Road test preparation and much more!
    • All of our teen driving lessons take place in one of our BWM MINI Cooper or Countryman vehicles. These MINIs are safe, powerful, easy to handle, and stylish too! We think you'll find that they're perfect vehicle to learn in.