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Gas prices are going up and various organizations around the U.S. have started publishing tips about saving money on fuel. The American Petroleum Institute provides the following recommendations

    1. Keep your vehicle's engine in good condition. A well-tuned engine allows you to travel one mile farther per gallon of fuel.
    2. Maintain proper air pressure in your tires. Here, the amount of fuel savings is also about one extra mile per gallon.
    3. The faster you travel, the greater your fuel consumption is. (You lose approximately two miles per gallon every time you raise your speed by 10 mph).
    4. Try to speed up gradually when you stop for a traffic light.
    5. Try to drive smoothly. Stopping, accelerating, or decreasing your speed leads to the loss of two miles per gallon of fuel.
    6. Do not allow your engine to idle. Turn the ignition off whenever possible.
    7. Use the air-conditioner sparingly as it requires a large amount of power.

The Federal Trade Commission recommends the following:

  • Observe speed limits.
  • Avoid aggressive driving.
  • Plan your trips. One long trip is better than a few short ones.
  • Do not overload the vehicle. A 200 pound weight increases fuel consumption by 2%.
  • Avoid placing things on top of your car. This can reduce the fuel economy by 5%.
  • Change oil and oil filters frequently.
  • Read your car manual and use the type of gas recommended by the manufacturer. Higher octane gas does not increase fuel efficiency and may not have any positive influence on the car engine.
  • Do not buy devices from manufacturers who promise dramatic fuel economy. Research shows that in most cases, such devices are useless and sometimes even harmful.

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