• Car Accessory Information: Rims

    • Specialized car wheel rims are a must-have accessory for many young car owners. These expensive details seem to grow increasingly flashy every year; what started in the 1970s as mere wire rims have progressed into all-chrome rims, rims that spin continuously, or (what has recently become popular in Miami) rims that are balanced so that the wheels appear to be still at all times. These styles are continuously expanding and evolving. Cars owners take care to ensure the quality of these accessories and can often be seen cleaning, polishing, or otherwise adorning these post-dealership add-ons. They are often the most noticeable feature of the vehicle.

      What is exceptional about these rims is the fact that they often are placed on relatively inexpensive cars! Rims that may be priced at close to $3,000 often appear on used $10,000 economy sedans (even though a custom paint job is often added for extra flash). Although this is not always the case, pricey rims are found on expensive cars as well, and rims often become more important than the actual vehicle.

      The rim phenomena can be seen as emulation of what is depicted in popular media. Over the course of the past decade, as urban culture has become more mainstream, media viewers have witnessed a confluence of urban images. Monthly magazines such as Dub are themed exclusively on this urban style of car customization. Customized cars and rims are often key characteristics in hip-hop videos meant to illustrate life on the street. However, these videos are broadcast on major media outlets and seen by a global (rather than a niche) community.

      What does this mean? It can be seen as a movement against standardization. Many cars on the market today all seem to look the same; they have the same old colors and designs. When you customize you car, especially with a vibrant paint job or with rims, you are claiming your individuality. And most drivers, especially teen drivers, are looking to be individuals.

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