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  • Here at DriversEd.com, we take drivers ed seriously. That's why our comprehensive online Ohio drivers ed course is designed to help you master the rules of the road on your terms, no matter where are you. Whether you're using a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone, we teach you everything about road safety and put you one step closer to earning your Ohio drivers license. When it comes to drivers ed, too often students get stuck in stuffy classrooms listening to boring lectures about traffic signs and driving techniques. Our unique online Ohio drivers ed course puts you in the drivers seat with interactive scenarios, informational videos, and fun activities. Don't let the opportunity of driving to Harrison Lake with your friends pass by this year. Earning your Ohio BMV permit is just a few clicks away. Get started today!

    1. Founded: April 1, 1850
    2. County Seat: Wauseon
    3. Population (2010) – 42,698
    4. Major Freeways: I-80, I-90, US-20, US-127, State Route 120, State Route 109, State Route 64, State Route 108, State Route 2, State Route 66
    5. Landmarks: Sherman House Museum, Lyman Allen House and Barn, John Artz Farmhouse, Barr House, John Bright Covered Bridge, Samuel Bush House, Coon Hunters Mount, Fairfield County Children's Home,