North Carolina Traffic School

North Carolina Traffic School

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  • Learn Better with North Carolina Traffic School Online

    North Carolina traffic school doesn't have to be boring: take this fun online course instead of suffering through a dull classroom lecture. This course is made up of short lessons with tons of graphics and animations to keep you engaged and entertained!

    And with 24/7 online access, you're free to complete the course on your own schedule. Take a break whenever you want, or go back and review an earlier lesson anytime. You choose when and how you study.

  • There are two courses available for your traffic school requirement. Young drivers (under 21) who received a ticket in Guilford or Wake County can take an approved 4-hour course. Other ticketed drivers, who have permission from the judge, can take the 8-hour course.

    • 4-hour traffic school course is approved by Guilford and Wake counties
    • 8-hour traffic school course approved by individual courts
    • Unlimited online access
    • Fast and easy to follow
    • Defensive driving information
  • Improve your driving skills and keep yourself and your passengers safe. This online course covers important defensive driving techniques that can help you prevent a collision. Learn how to react in a risky situation and save money and lives.

    The road can be a dangerous place, which is why you need to be prepared. The valuable information you learn in your North Carolina traffic school course will come in handy every single time you get behind the wheel.