A Guide to the Nevada Drivers Handbook

Everything You Need To Know About Nevada Drivers Handbook

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The Nevada Driver's Handbook is a helpful resource for anyone preparing for the written knowledge or road skills exam in the Silver State. Not only can it help you get ready for your permit or license test, but it can also help prepare you for a lifetime of safe driving.

What Is the Nevada Drivers Handbook?

The Nevada Driver's Handbook was created by the DMV so that the state's motorists could have access to a single easy-to-use document that outlines all of Nevada's traffic laws.

The 76-page document includes information on everything from sharing the road with cyclists to what to do in the event of a flash flood. It's a great resource for drivers old and new alike. It can be especially helpful if you're preparing for your permit test since you probably haven't completed any formal drivers ed yet.

Can The Nevada Driver's Handbook Replace Drivers Ed?

Though the handbook can be a useful supplement to drivers ed, it's not intended to replace a formal driver's education course. In fact, the state of Nevada requires all teen drivers to provide proof that they've completed a drivers ed course when they apply for their license.

While the Nevada Driver's Handbook can't take the place of driver's ed, it can be a helpful tool as you go through the process of getting your learner's permit and eventually your license.

How to Use the Nevada Driver's Handbook

The nice thing about Nevada's handbook is that it's quite short compared to other states. Though you can skim through most of it, be sure to spend extra time on the safe driving chapter. Make sure that you understand all of the diagrams and can identify all of the road signs included in that section, which covers many of the questions you'll see on the written knowledge exam.

Though many of the questions on the written knowledge exam are answered in the safe driving chapter, the rest of the handbook includes useful information as well. For example, the chapter on special driving conditions includes valuable information on situations that you might not encounter frequently. That's why it's important to review the handbook even after you've become an experienced driver.

Accessing the Nevada Driver's Handbook

You can download a copy of the handbook from the DMV's website. Though it's a long document, you may want to consider printing out certain sections, like the chapter on special driving conditions, and storing them in your vehicle. You never know when they may come in handy. Printing the road sign illustrations and creating flashcards is also a great way to prepare for your written knowledge exam.