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DMV-licensed school (LIC. #PRDS00044949)

  • America's #1 driving school—most selected course provider
  • Learn anywhere, on any device
  • Free unlimited practice permit tests
  • 100% online with engaging videos, animation, and activities
  • Earn a certificate of completion to get your permit

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Safe, Secure, Smart: Online Drivers Ed in Nevada

  • Enjoy interactive lessons proven to help you learn better, so you pass your DMV permit test!
  • State-of-the-art 3-D animations of driving maneuvers
  • Study online anytime, anyplace!
  • Learn techniques for safe driving
  • Get up to 10% off on auto insurance


Freedom is a Click Away

What's so great about online Nevada drivers education? Well, for one, drivers ed is the key to getting your Nevada Drivers License and hitting the road to freedom and independence. With online Nevada drivers education, the process to earning your first Nevada license is even faster. By taking our simple online Nevada drivers ed course, you can meet your friends easier, get to school or work on your own, and never have to rely on your parents or others for rides again!

At DriversEd.com, we've made it easy for you. Our online Nevada drivers ed course is the fastest, smartest way to get your Nevada learners permit. Internet-savvy Nevada teens with busy schedules who need to study on their own time take online Nevada drivers education with DriversEd.com because it fits their lives and keeps them out of the classroom on Saturdays.

Best of all, this Nevada course was designed for you. We make online Nevada drivers education easy to understand, clear, and fast—which means only the most important information that every Nevada teen has to know to become a good driver. The information that is included in our online Nevada course is given to you in a straightforward way and talks to you like an adult. Getting your Nevada drivers license is a big responsibility, and we know you know that, so this online Nevada drivers ed course doesn't treat you like a kid.

Your online Nevada drivers education course includes comprehensive lessons about current Nevada road rules, how to avoid collisions, sober and drug-free driving, and 50 free online Nevada practice permit tests. Right now you're on the Nevada drivers education course page—but take a look throughout the site—we offer a lot more than online Nevada drivers education. DriversEd.com can help you earn an insurance discount, get a good deal on a car in Nevada, and even gives you vehicle maintenance tips. We also have online drivers ed games and a chance to earn some serious money online at our Associate Center when you tell your friends about this Nevada drivers education course.

DriversEd.com also helps you earn school credit. That means you can earn your license and get closer to graduation at the same time. You earn this credit online, so you get to spend less time in class and more time with your friends. The credit comes from a nationally accredited school, so you can apply it to your graduation total at any public, private, or charter school in Nevada. Getting extra credit is easy! Sign up and add credit during payment.

Earning a Nevada drivers license should be simple. We know your goal is to get in the drivers seat as soon as possible and with as little hassle as possible—and we can help you prepare for your permit exam and even save you some money on insurance. Online Nevada drivers education, the road, and your freedom are just a few clicks away.

DMV-Licensed Course from the Drivers Ed Authority

Pass your permit test the first time you take it! Our online Nevada drivers ed course is licensed by the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles (license #PRDS00044949), so you're sure to get all the knowledge you need to start in-car lessons with an instructor.

Earning a Nevada drivers license should be simple. We know your goal is to get in the drivers seat as soon as possible with zero hassle—and DriversEd.com can help!

For permit requirements and training guidelines, visit our Course FAQ page

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Take a look around this quick course demo. We've got 3-D animated videos that detail driving maneuvers, user-friendly slides with all the driving information you need, and multiple choice quizzes expressly designed to fit with our curriculum. Enjoy perusing all DriversEd.com has to offer!

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Get On the Road to Safety With DriversEd.com

Drivers education is one of those BIG steps your teen will take in his or her life—but don't worry, you'll get through it. For a lot of Nevada parents, nervousness sets in when their teen begins Nevada drivers education, never mind when they get behind the wheel. But rest assured—when your teen takes online Nevada drivers education with DriversEd.com, they get an online course that covers every critical aspect of driving that all Nevada drivers need to know. And since it's all online, you can test drive our Nevada drivers ed course with your teen to see what we're talking about.

Our online Nevada drivers education course gives your teen the chance to take Nevada drivers ed comfortably at home, from any Internet-connected computer. They can study for 20 minutes or 2 hours at time—it's all up to them. But however your teen chooses to study—what they get for their time (and your money) is a high-quality online Nevada drivers education course that is fully licensed by the Nevada DMV.

The material in our Nevada course is presented simply, and covers every aspect of the road a new driver needs to know: road rules, signs, handling different weather conditions, avoiding collisions, different driving environments, dealing with peer pressure, and sharing Nevada roads with other drivers. Our online Nevada drivers ed course strives to make your teen a safe, considerate Nevada driver.

DriversEd.com is the nation's leader in online drivers education—our online courses are approved in 13 states, and we're members of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the International Association for Drivers Education. Join more than 13 million drivers who have trained and earned their license with us!

We're no flash-in-the-pan online Nevada education company—with a dedicated and professional staff with over 30 years of drivers education experience, our Nevada course was created with modern education methods in mind. Our Nevada online drivers ed course is designed for your teen to absorb important information that goes beyond the Nevada drivers ed test (and makes sure they don't rush through the course) all for when it really matters—on the road.

Other online Nevada drivers ed websites offer a cheap imitation of real Nevada drivers education. They simply take the Nevada DMV's handbook and put it online. The Nevada course at DriversEd.com is truly interactive, effective, and proves its worth immediately and over time. So don't worry, you and your teen have landed at DriversEd.com, the best online provider of Nevada online drivers education.