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Prepare to drive on American roads with
foreign visitors drivers education!

Learn the rules of the road and get ready to drive in the United States with our online drivers education course for international drivers. American roads and highways are waiting for you!

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  • Planning a trip to the United States?

    Prepare yourself for driving in the United States with, the online drivers education course designed specifically for international drivers.

    Take the course from home, study at your leisure, and be ready to navigate confidently through U.S. streets, roads, and highways. If this class will help ensure a safe, fun visit to the United States, why not invest a little to make sure your trip goes smoothly?

  • For only $29.95, you'll:

    • Get access to an unlimited number of DMV practice permit tests available in English, Spanish, and Chinese
    • Learn about U.S. driving laws
    • Get tips from driving professionals on driving safely on U.S. highways
    • Familiarize yourself with road signs and traffic signals
    • Find out how to get a U.S. drivers license and insure an automobile
    • Customized corporate safety solutions are also available: email