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Learn the rules of the road and get ready to drive in the United States with our online drivers education course for international drivers. American roads and highways are waiting for you!

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  • Foreign Visitors Drivers Ed FAQ

    Are you worried about driving on American roads? Do you think American highways are crazy and dangerous? Take's specially-designed course for foreign drivers, and get familiar with local traffic regulations and driving customs. We'll answer all your questions and address all your fears, whether you're here for a vacation, visiting for work or for leisure, or coming here to stay.

    • Yes, this course will introduce you to everything you need to know for driving safely in the United States. It’s a course modeled after the drivers education courses required for new drivers in the United States, but it’s specifically tailored to meet the needs of visitors to the United States.

    • No, this course is only designed to familiarize foreign drivers with the U.S. rules of the road. If you have a drivers license in your home country, you can drive in the United States for a limited time. With our course, you can learn everything you need to drive safely in the United States.

    • While traffic laws do change slightly from state to state, the road signs and laws are mostly the same.

    • Currently, the course is only offered in English. We are working on courses in other languages, so please check back with us soon.