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Jons Driving Academy
Green Bay WI 54302

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  • Reviews for Jons Driving Academy

    • Published 5/4/2018 9:59 AM


      Rh did 9/11

    • Published 5/4/2018 9:56 AM

      Loch Lomond

      God frank ticheli has a sweet bum bum also i did 9/11 and i posed in hitler photos and hitler porn god i love being close to hitler and frank ticheli, my creators. I do it with them every day after school and after a boat rides me

    • Published 5/3/2018 9:44 AM

      Jimmy Jeen


    • Published 5/2/2018 9:05 AM

      mr hagedorns better looking cousin

      the n23 yoga chromie got me through drivers ed but it wasnt jeenys driver ed school it was my better looking cousins driving school and it was online and i punched him in the throat now hes dead hahahahaha hes not breathing oh i thought this was youtube. stupid cousin has been asleep for 4 weeks on the kitchen floor now and he isnt making tendies. what a broken piece of crap. i stabbed him and he never complained and it was in the jugular oh god what have i done. ah whatever im hungry. read my new book the best seller author

    • Published 4/27/2018 1:29 PM

      Scotty Schumaker

      To be or not to be. One does not simply jizz in a blender. I learned that the hard way. Do not question me Tork or Jeeny or Chukas or Jon. I am from Los Angeles and I heard great things about this confederate driving school. Murica. Lick my balls. How many balls can you lick at once? Back in my day there used to be 2 genders now theres 76. What the hell? The answer is ReCAPTCHA V1 IS something

    • Published 4/27/2018 11:35 AM


      Hi its me your long lost best friend dog beater i go to uw green bay and i cant wait to kiss your testicles bow down to me daddy and pray for the almighty chukey sorry i have bell herps syndrome and i play bass on my guitar and i punch my drum set and cry in the dark sad amd alone after beating my kids... sorry .. my meat.

    • Published 4/27/2018 10:05 AM


      Hi cousin its me your long lost uncle we have been switched at birth and i dont know how marijuana tastes please respond back to your own loving child, mr poopy pants. Please contact me at also follow me on instagram i have a lit meme page. Ok, i love you jon now get out.

    • Published 4/18/2018 7:02 AM


      jeeny suks at teaching a driver ed class, ha ha trump 2069

    • Published 2/8/2017 8:08 AM

      Patricia B

      I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. The classroom portion of the training was ok but on-the-road was a nightmare. The wife, Toni, teaches the class room portion and tells the students "Don't go out driving with your parents too much before going out with us or you'll pick up bad habits". So we waited for that first lesson and the husband, Jon, took our daughter driving on the 1-way streets in downtown Green Bay, in the rain, at 4:45 p.m. and yells at her for not turning correctly. As the lessons continued and she wouldn't laugh at his stupid attempts at humor he would poke her arm with a paperclip. Seriously?!?! Grow up! It terrified me that my daughter was alone in a car with that man and my daughter dreaded each and every lesson. I offered to pay the extra money to switch to a different driver's education provider but my daughter didn't want to start over and lose the non-refundable money we had already paid. He was completely inappropriate and didn't actually teach. He seemed much more interested in recording nearby drivers making mistakes. I have no idea what he does with these recordings. I'm quite sure he is not law enforcement. I've since found a review on-line that talks about Jon's conversations with a student involving the confederate flag. I totally empathize with this parent because my daughter had the misfortune of taking lessons from this man during the recent presidential campaign. He would wear a campaign button with the picture of his preferred candidate on it. My daughter had to listen to his political views and the details of the extravagant vacation he was about to take instead of actually being taught how to drive. A friend of my daughter also went to Jon's and they both agree he was just plain creepy!

    • Published 4/25/2012 6:49 AM


      jon and toni are amazing xD loved this class had so much fun

    • Published 6/9/2010 9:05 AM

      Zach Denneau

    • Published 9/8/2008 7:46 AM

      kyle akerboom

      like it fun

    • Published 4/4/2006 12:38 PM

      Rebecca Vander LEest

      I think that your company has taught me alot of things and we still had fun and enjoyed the class. You have the best rates and the best class.

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