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Manvel Driving School
Manvel TX 77578


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  • Reviews for Manvel Driving School

    • Published 7/25/2020 9:27 PM


      AVOID THIS PLACE! I learned NOTHING! Driving Instructor is a horrible old man who taught me almost NOTHING. All he did was scold me like I was child constantly. He constantly yelled me, yelled at me more for not being able to FOCUS on the road and cars when the whole reason I couldn't FOCUS on them was because he was YELLING at me nonstop. He continued yelling at me because I was going too slow, then yelled at me for going too fast. Yell at me for stopping too soon. Yell at me for not stopping soon enough. Gives me bad instructions telling me to go down the wrong street and then yells at me for doing so. Tells me I should already know this stuff WHICH DEFEATS THE POINT OF GOING TO A SCHOOL TO LEARN. HE REPRIMANDS ME FOR PRACTICING PARALLEL PARKING. I am 6"4' but he forced me to get into a car that was too small then get mad that I couldn't step on the pedals properly because I was too tall. At the end of the last lesson he literally just insulted my weight. I told him time and time again I was too TALL for his small car. He said "Then you should lose 50 pounds to should fix that" I told him "LOSING WEIGHT IS NOT GOING TO AFFECT MY HEIGHT." He knows this. He's just a horrible person who wanted to take one last potshot at me before I left. They forced me to pay for 3 classes even though the website says you can pay for just 1 class. This is because they knew after one session NO ONE WOULD WANT TO RETURN. I want to reiterate I learned NOTHING because I could not FOCUS with him throwing tantrums nonstop. I paid this awful man 130$ to reprimand me and teach me nothing. GO LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE TO LEARN. This place is TORTUROUS!

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