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Mansfield Driving Academy
Mansfield TX 76063


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  • Reviews for Mansfield Driving Academy

    • Published 9/20/2016 3:51 PM


      I scheduled my driving test a week in advance for the 20th of September. When on the phone the woman who works at the reception desk told me I needed my IITD, VOE, Insurance, and BTW driving log. She failed to mention that I needed to bring my own car, and she also didn't tell me I needed to have a parent with me, also she didnt tell me that I had to show up 20 minutes before my lesson. So on the day of the 20th I called the office around noon to confirm my testing time and ask if I needed to have my own car, no one answered. I didn't hear back from anyone at the school until 3:48pm 12 minutes before my exam where she told me I had to come in my own car. So I had to drive with my cousin back to my home in Arlington get my car and then go back to the driving academy. I arrived 20 minutes late due to this detour. Once I walked into the building and said I was here for my exam the woman at the front desk was very rude to me and said that I had missed my exam and it was too late. I then explained to her that the reason I was late was because she failed to inform me that I needed to bring my own car. Once she realized she had made that mistake I she then asked me if I had brought my parent with me. I said no, because you didn't tell me I needed to bring my parent. I had brought my cousin who was 23 years old with me. I asked to speak to a manager and she said we could wait if we wanted to. While we were waiting for the manager to come another group walks in. It is very obviously a brother and a sister. The boy was driving school age and the sister looked 19. He says he is there to take a driving exam and the woman at the desk asks if the girl with him is his parent. She says no that she is his 21 year old sister, but she is the only one that could come because their grandfather was out of town. The woman reluctantly says she'll have to ask the manager. Then the "manager" walks in. first the woman at the reception desk asks him if it's ok for the older sister to sign the forms and he then reluctantly agrees and allows her to sign the forms. My cousin and I are appalled, why did they get to take the test when the parent wasn't there, if I couldn't? The woman then tells the "manager" that we wanted to speak with him. I inform him of all the mistakes that his receptionist made and he calls me a liar. He said that there was no way the receptionist could have made a mistake and not given me the right information and said verbatim, "you're not my homeboy, you could be lying right now!" I was astounded why did he use the word homeboy? is it because I'm African-American and he thought I wouldn't be able to understand him if he did not use slang? I again explained to him that this was not my fault and I had done everything I could've with the information I had been given. He then told me that there was no way i could test today because he had a "volleyball game" to get to. I said that I didn't care, but I should atleast get a free reschedule because I wouldn't have chosen this time slot if I knew my actual parent had to be there and he said that I would have to pay another 40 dollars if I wanted to take the test on another day. Why did the student who also didn't have a parent get to take his test, and I did not? Why did the so-called manager refer to me as "Homeboy" and presume I was lying? The only difference between me and every other person in that establishment is that I am African American and they were all White. I payed the fee, brought all of my paperwork and my vehicle, and brought my cousin who was over the age of 21. I was late because I was misinformed, and all I wanted was to reschedule for a time my mother could make it. I was insulted, disrespected, swindled out of 40 dollars, and racially discriminated against by every person who was working at this establishment

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