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Freedom 2 Drive Driving School
San Antonio TX 78261


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  • Reviews for Freedom 2 Drive Driving School

    • Published 12/1/2013 6:26 AM

      Lucia Martinez Mora

      I signed up one kid for private lessons, and was assured by Ricky that Freedom 2 Drive had never had any of their students kid failed twice. When they were made aware this-nothing was said or much less done to help. My other child was told to "save" driving lessons for closer dates to the actual driving test but was never told "within your contract dates". So our contract expired and they never notified us that it had -except charged us extra money to extend (finish) necessary lessons. Was told by owner-Ricky, his wife would have sent a notice through text to my kid. Seriously?He made sure to emphasize "the dates were in our contract" so pretty much too bad for us. Told him to tell wife to send copy of the notice she so called sent-never received one to this day! They were quick to charge but not resolve any issues where they failed. Plus what business sends so called notices in texts to kids regarding contracts? Unprofessional.

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