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Drive-Rite Driving School Inc
Knoxville TN 37923


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  • Reviews for Drive-Rite Driving School Inc

    • Published 1/28/2018 6:53 PM


      Do not take this class! Craig Smith (the instructor) was a bully and was rude to people in the class. He does not deserve to be teaching anyone!

    • Published 2/2/2012 5:05 PM


    • Published 1/31/2010 6:18 PM


      I called around and talked to all the schools in town. These people seemed most honest. I am very pleased with my selection. They work with my son and didn't just run him through like some of the others seemed to be talking about. My daughter will be going there in 2 years no mors calling around.

    • Published 5/25/2008 5:42 AM


    • Published 2/26/2008 5:55 PM

      Drive Rite

      Ms. Appleby was told that it would take some time to finish the the driving part because the student finished the classroom part when the schools were going back into session. We are a private school and when students are in school we can only drive with them after school or saturday. Her daughter finished classroom in August and she states she waited 16 weeks but look at the date of her posting Oct. 23, 2007 the math doesn't add up correctly. She was given a refund per her request. We don't run students through "just to get them done". we don't put several students in the car at the same time. We do one on one driving, it takes longer but this is the best pupil to teacher ratio you can get. Weather also plays a factor in how quickly the line moves as we don't risk driving in incliment weather and have to reschedule the ones who get canceled for this reason before we can start new students. I'm sorry Ms Appelby's daughter wasn't able to be driven in the time she thought but we have to be fair to all. we take students as they finish and just will not skip to move people up in line.

    • Published 10/23/2007 12:07 PM

      Sharon Appleby

      The waiting list at this school is up to 16 weeks inspite of what they tell you. I'm asking for a refund and having a hard time getting it. My daughter finished the class in August and they said she wouldn't be able to drive until the end of December. Don't go to this school if you are in a hurry.

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