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My Turn to Drive School
Haverford PA 19041


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  • Reviews for My Turn to Drive School

    • Published 8/26/2015 12:08 PM


      Mr. Seibert made it fun to take drivers Ed, but he also ensured that we were all taught the safety of operating a car. Great teacher

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:54 AM


      Mr. Seibert made the class fun and easy to learn. The stories and educational videos we watched in class and discussed about will help me be a better driver.

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:53 AM


      Mr. Seibert made the class fun and interesting. I feel more prepared for my perment test after I have taken this course.

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:52 AM


      Mr Seibert is a great teacher

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:51 AM

      John Sudjian

      Mr. Seibert made the class very enjoyable. It was easy to tell that he has a lot of knowledge regarding driving. I would highly recommend this course.

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:48 AM

      Valentino Badalamenti

      My teacher, Mr. Seibert, was a fantastic instructor for Drivers Education. I've learned an immense amount of driving skills and safety tasks to the point where I'm comfortable to drive right when I get my permit. I would absolutely recommend this class if your looking for an amazing end result and a great driving experience outside of class!

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:47 AM


      Great class, teaches you everything you need to know while teaching you about real life experiences. Lots of help for drivers studying for their permit and will help you stay safe on the road. Teacher keeps it interesting while learning.

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:47 AM


      Class was fun and educational at the same time, learned a lot of things i didnt know.

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:47 AM

      Jimmy Canuso

      Coming out of Mr. Siebert's drivers Ed class I felt as though I learned everything I needed to know but still had a great time in his class. He makes it so the class is interactive so we're actively learning so that even though we are not actually driving we feel ready to.

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:46 AM

      Marty Paulina

    • Published 7/2/2015 9:45 AM


      Mr Seibert made the class fun and covered all the important points about driving. Very informative and useful.

    • Published 6/22/2015 5:26 PM

      Lucas Barton

      Teacher made it interesting enough and talked about some of the more important points not covered.

    • Published 6/20/2015 11:37 AM


      Mr. Seibert taught me a lot about driving and was very accommodating of scheduling conflicts. I had fun learning in this class.

    • Published 6/16/2015 7:29 AM

      Zachary Tocker

      I enjoyed the class very much. The videos i watched in class and and stories that were told taught me about driving safety. It made the "entertaining" Pennsylvania drivers manual even more easy to digest.

    • Published 5/31/2015 9:03 AM

      Mom of Alexis

      My daughter enjoyed the class and said it was very valuable. In addition, Mr. Seibert was very accommodating when we had a scheduling conflict. He made sure Alexis received all the missed work and communicated with me about all my concerns in a timely manner.

    • Published 5/31/2015 8:52 AM


      I took the class in the Fall semester and learned so much. Mr. Seibert is knowledgable and a great teacher. I wouldn't be as prepared to drive if I hadn't taken the class.

    • Published 11/9/2011 4:23 PM

      Parent of Phil

      Name: Parent of Phil Nov-16-09 Rating: Comments: Similar problem as Parent of Alex; not sure of professionalism or competency Name: Parent of Alex Sep-23-09 Rating: Comments: NEVER RETURNS ANY CALLS!! VERY UN PROFESSIONAL!!!

    • Published 11/16/2009 3:42 AM

      Parent of Phil

      Similar problem as Parent of Alex; not sure of professionalism or competency

    • Published 9/23/2009 7:40 AM

      Parent of Alex


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