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Huber Driving School
Orwigsburg PA 17961


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  • Reviews for Huber Driving School

    • Published 1/16/2019 6:51 AM


      I cannot emphasize enough how wonderful Amy is! I was absolutely petrified of driving and never thought I would get my license. (I’m 28.) She is so calm and relaxed she instantly put me at ease behind the wheel. After just two lessons with Amy she felt I was ready to schedule my test. Two lessons later I passed my test on my very first try. I felt more than prepared the day of my test. If you’re hesitant on the lessons definitely take the leap because it is so incredibly worth it!

    • Published 6/5/2017 8:55 PM

    • Published 7/23/2016 11:44 AM


      Cool beans!

    • Published 7/12/2013 12:09 PM

      Laci Ann Quick

      I would love for you to teach me the best way to drive.

    • Published 3/28/2013 2:16 PM


      I cannot say enough about Amy as an instructor, as well as her course. Her course is thorough. Other schools offer 3 hour classes but they dont cover 20% of what she covers. Amy makes sure of what the driver sees and thinks, as well as, handling of the vehicle itself. Thank you Amy for all you do for us students.

    • Published 8/4/2012 7:02 AM


      Just finished lessons with Amy. My parents made me take these lessons. I did not want to take them. However, after taking them and passing my test, it was worth all my time. Amy did teach me alot of things I did not know and she is just a great person, not only a great teacher.

    • Published 7/26/2012 9:19 AM


    • Published 1/23/2012 4:01 PM

      Cindy Beck

      Amy turned a person who scared the life out of me when she drove, into someone I could trust completely behind the wheel. Many thanks to Amy for saving my sanity! Amy gave our daughter the tools and the confidence to pass the drivers test the first time. I would recommend her to anyone!

    • Published 1/3/2012 9:26 AM

      Phyllis Good

      I feel when rating something, comments are necessary. If no comments are noted, like some of the reviews below, how do you know why the rating was given or even justified. My son just passed his driving test because of Amy and her lessons. I cannot emphasize enough the value of her instructions. My son is not one of those natural drivers. The only way he became the driver he is today, is because of Amy's patience, clear directions and persistent faith in the student.

    • Published 10/6/2011 7:19 AM


      Amy personable, patient as a Saint.

    • Published 8/22/2011 5:25 PM


      My son, who has a learning disability, signed up for lessons with Amy. She worked with him on a level that he could understand. She is patient, thorough and made my son feel relaxed behind a wheel. He passed his test the first time. He now drives to work everyday. Thank goodness for people like amy.

    • Published 6/2/2011 10:41 PM


    • Published 5/19/2011 7:59 AM

      Sarah Walsh

      I was pleased to find this driving school for Berks county. Amy is close to Hamburg, PA. I have benn referring her to my friends. Thorough, professional and definitely friendly. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable even though I was very nervous. Thank you Amy.

    • Published 5/14/2011 5:40 AM


      we have been refering you to other people

    • Published 4/15/2011 7:42 PM

      Craig Webber

      My parents and I were very happy with all your help. You were very helpful and We would be pleased to refer you to anyone needing a driving instructor.

    • Published 4/14/2011 11:02 AM

      Sandy & Kendra

      Thanks for making this a pleasant experience for us!

    • Published 4/10/2011 1:35 PM

      Connor D.

      Amy was great! she was a really big help in preparing for my test :)

    • Published 4/8/2011 5:23 PM


      Amy was a wonderful instructor for both of my children. She reviewed things with them that i never would have thought about. Things that you take for granted after driving for many years.Shealso made it a relaxed atmosphere for them to learn in and I enjoyed dealing with her as a person. She was always bubbly and pleasant and always found time to fit you into her busy schedule.

    • Published 4/8/2011 3:51 PM


    • Published 4/8/2011 3:42 PM

      Loretta Miree

      I think Huber Driving School was Excellent. The instructor took the time to teach me techniques that I needed to ensure that I was a safe driver. Amy was Patient, and very stern, and I needed that. Amy is also a wonderful person.

    • Published 4/8/2011 2:17 PM

      Katy Heckman

      Amy was a great teacher for both of my children.She covers everything from interstate driving and how to adapt to various situations such as going off the road, driving in rain and snow, etc. They enjoyed her not only as an instructor but also as a person.

    • Published 4/8/2011 6:27 AM


      I have waited a very long time to obtain my license - 62 years old. Amy was the type of teacher I needed - patient, thorough, and very good with visual teaching aids. I was afraid to drive but after some lessons, I felt more confident. I should have done this long ago.

    • Published 12/26/2010 5:47 PM

      A. Leymeister

      I did not get my license until I was 23. I called Huber driving school and was more than pleased with Amy as a teacher. She is more than patient and specific with her instructions. I was very nervous about driving until I had lessons with Amy. Passed my test the first try. Now I love driving because I do it right. Thanks Amy!!

    • Published 12/5/2010 10:40 AM


    • Published 11/30/2010 8:24 AM


      Amy is too good My daughter took driving lessons from her,she trained my daughter so well in parallel parking my daughter was impressed.She had no problem in passing her test.

    • Published 11/10/2010 6:02 AM

      R. Williams

      Worth every cent. She teaches you to drive the way it should be done. And the way she teaches parallel parking makes it so easy. No problem passing my test on the first try. Amy becomes your friend and your teacher.

    • Published 9/15/2010 6:06 AM

      L. Peters

      I was surprised and saddened when I saw the comments made by Speedy16. Amy has taught two of my children and she was professional in every way. There is no way a student of hers would not know how they are as drivers because Amy writes a review/summary of every lesson and sends it email to the student or their parents. If Amy thought a student was not safe, she would suggest more lessons or limitations of their driving, as she did with my daughter. I hope this negative review is not based on teenage gossip. The rating should be based on Amy's teaching not on Speedy16s anger because of what someone said. Apparently Speedy16 passed the drivers's test because of Amy's lessons.

    • Published 9/12/2010 4:32 PM


      Be careful because the teacher takes your money for lessons and after you are finished tells other students what a "bad" driver you are. Of course, she doesn't tell the student this though. Unfortunately, she has done this with more than one student. Watch out!!!

    • Published 6/19/2010 3:41 PM


      i doubt i'd be able to pass my driving test in just 2 tries without Amy's help. shes very professional. i would recommend her to anyone

    • Published 6/15/2010 5:59 PM

      Connie Glunz

      Amy is professional,gentle, thorough, dependable,reassuring and extremely helpful. Our daughter passed on the first try, largely because of Amy. Absolutely would recommend her services to anyone interested in being prepared to drive well.

    • Published 6/15/2010 8:03 AM

      Michelle Velazquez

      Amy is an oustanding teacher and a extremly passionate person, she helped to the next chapter in life by helping over come my fear of driving and teaching me how to drive..i wouldn't want anyone else to teach me

    • Published 4/8/2010 5:30 AM

      Alexandra D'Innocenzo

      made me very confident.

    • Published 3/31/2010 7:14 AM


    • Published 2/3/2010 5:29 AM

      Kelley Horn

      Driving instructor for my daughter. She did an excellent job and was able to teach Britt things I could not or would not have thought of. Excellent, excellent - highly recommend!

    • Published 2/2/2010 2:12 PM

      Brittany Bunko

      Amy help me so much, if it wasn't for her help and support there honestly would have been no way i would have passed, i didn't have confidence in my driving till she helped me! and i am very greatful for everything she did for me.

    • Published 1/13/2010 5:39 AM


      amy is very concerned for your skills. she is a great teacher and can help you learn those skills to give you more confidence in your driving ability.

    • Published 11/10/2009 12:09 PM

      Cece Boran

      Amy was a wonderful teacher for my son. She made him feel relaxed and more confident on the road. Thanks Amy for all you did. Cece

    • Published 10/6/2009 3:50 PM


      Amy is a WONDERFUL teacher! If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have my license today. She gave me the confidence I needed to drive. Amy gave me lots of helpful hints on how to park and make turns, I would recommend her to anyone. THANKS AMY!

    • Published 9/1/2009 4:19 AM


      This is a great driving school for Schuylkill and Berks County, PA. I was surprised how thorough Amy's course is. She is definitely a professional. Her visual and verbal techniques for instructions works well for everyone.

    • Published 8/5/2009 1:53 PM

      Maria Mason

      Amy did a fantastic job with my grandson. My husband and I would never have had the patience she did. I can never thank her enough for the great job she did with him. She made him feel comfortable and confident. I would recommend her to anyone, she was great!! Thanks for the peace of mind you gave us, Amy, we sure do appreciate it.

    • Published 8/5/2009 6:38 AM

      lisa lickman

      Amy is a patient teacher. She has a great technique. Her course is comprehensive. We are very happy with the results and would recommend her anytime.

    • Published 8/5/2009 4:49 AM

      Frank Angelo

      Great. Amy is an outstanding person who knows her profession. She is professional and punctual and an especially knowledgeable person not only of driving but also in handling teenagers. I would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Amy.

    • Published 7/20/2009 7:30 PM


      And thanks a million for your help

    • Published 7/20/2009 7:10 PM


      We did have a laugh didn't we?

    • Published 7/1/2009 7:15 PM


      I was in no hurry to drive, but my dad scheduled me driving lessons with Amy. She is an awesome instructor. I learned so much and I have so much confidence now when I'm behind the wheel.

    • Published 6/26/2009 6:26 AM


      amy's emergency training helped prevent what could have been a serious issue for my daughter. Thanks to amy, young driver and car were safe!!!

    • Published 6/25/2009 1:24 PM

      Maribeth Johnson

      Both my husband and I made several attempts at instructing our oldest son to drive. It did not go well! I was thankful that Amy was so patient and had a structured plan of action. Her service was invaluable to our family and the end result was a safe and confident driver.

    • Published 6/24/2009 8:26 PM

      Barb Reno

      After trying to teach my son myself and having much frustration on both sides, I turned to Amy. She was a blessing! She covered everything in well planned lessons and he is a safe licensed driver because of it. It truly was the best money spent to have the piece of mind that my son will be safe on the road, I recommend this driving school to everyone and will be using her service again with my younger son.

    • Published 6/24/2009 1:27 PM


      Amy was great! I had a lot of fun learning to drive with her. Thanks to her, I passed my test on my first try.

    • Published 6/24/2009 8:25 AM

      Tracey Fidler

      Absolutely worth every penny! My next 2 children will be using Ms. Huber's service as well!

    • Published 6/24/2009 7:27 AM


      My parents don't drive, so we needed to find someone to teach me. Amy was great. She was extremely patient and incredibly helpful. I feel very confident on the road because of her.

    • Published 10/10/2008 7:26 AM


      Amy was fantastic! She was patient, friendly, and a great teacher. I passed my test on the very first try!! Thank you so much Amy!!

    • Published 9/25/2008 7:16 AM


      My daughter was not interested in learning how to drive. I called this school, we met with Amy at our home and my daughter and her hit it off right away. She passed her driving test after completing her lessons. She has become a very good driver and now enjoys driving. Amy, of Huber driving school is patient, as well as, professional. She is unique in that she is able to establish a teacher relationship, as well as, becoming a friend with the students.

    • Published 8/27/2008 8:11 AM


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