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Anna Burton Driving School
North Huntingdon PA 15642


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    • Published 3/22/2012 9:33 AM


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    • Published 3/20/2012 7:16 AM


      what you should try to do is hide your iootemn. if you are nervous, hide it. act as cool as possible. and when you are acting cool, you will notice that you will actually become cool.if you have a hard time hiding your nervousness, just change your state of mind. convince yourself that you could care less about getting your license, so if you fail, it doesnt matter. that way, there is no reason to be nervous.dont worry, took me two times to get it.and one more piece of advice. just think of it like this: there are millions of people who have their licenses, which means millions of people have passed their road test. what makes you think you are any less prepared than any of them to get yours?hope that helps

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