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Nytek Driving School
Columbus OH 43229


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  • Reviews for Nytek Driving School

    • Published 11/17/2020 8:48 AM

      Sheku Joe

      Going for Adult Abbreviated driving course

    • Published 11/6/2020 10:08 AM

      Abdirizak Sheik

    • Published 5/3/2020 8:24 PM


      I have started my online driving course and I was unaware that they do not offer 8 hour instructor time so I was wondering how much is the 8 hour driving portion of the test and I was wondering when would be the earliest that I could get booked for that if the pricing isn't too bad.

    • Published 8/8/2019 5:16 AM

      Bailey Hanah

      Good morning, I have been traveling the past year and did not have time to complete the in-classroom driving school but I did take an online course. I have just completed my driving school course using, and I passed the exam. However, they do not offer in-car driving lessons in Ohio, which I was unaware of until I finished the course. I understand most places are booked through September, but I was wondering what your next available sessions are. And I know its a long shot, but is there anyway to fit them in before the school season? Thank you

    • Published 4/10/2019 3:52 PM

      Nedy M.

      Driving an automobile is a serious task that must be taken for what it is, We put safety ahead of everything else. come visit us and experience the difference.

    • Published 11/2/2014 1:30 PM


      i was wondering how much enrollment would be

    • Published 9/17/2010 11:40 AM


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