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KMR Driving School
Cincinnati OH 45240


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  • Reviews for KMR Driving School

    • Published 11/19/2019 7:15 PM

      Nathan Calvert

      Doing driving school through KMR was an overall terrible experience. It seems they do not know what they are doing. After finally getting scheduled for the class we met and i expected an experience similar to school seeing how its driving "School". I was very wrong and very disappointed. Everyday I went I sat in their backroom watching videos for 4 hours. She cared so little about what was going on in that classroom that the students were put in charge of what video was to be played next while she sat in her office doing god knows what. When she was actually in the room we were nearly supervised. After a 4 hour class of watching videos we were given homework that would be collected the next day. The next day we returned with our completed worksheet packets and we went over them as a class. She cared so little that she had us go over them as a group while she yet again ran into her office. After waiting a total of 5 months to be scheduled for in-car classes. Yes, 5 months, an absurd amount of time to wait. I finally completed all 8 hours and went in to get the paperwork that I did all the hours, it wasn't even started. I was told by the driving instructor that it would be ready Monday, went in Tuesday and she hadn't even started. Another issue with the paperwork is we think they also lost some. We were asked to sign a document that we were sure we had already signed 6 months ago. Overall, NOT RECOMMENDED!!! The only positive was the actual driver instructor, Mr. Gilmore. Great guy and excellent teacher.

    • Published 8/6/2014 8:09 PM

      Damon Thomas

      Wonderful Instructors!!!! :)

    • Published 6/10/2014 4:00 PM

      Jasmine Reid

      I loved the online classes they where very realistic!!! KMR Driving School instructors are wonderful & professional!!!! I Highly recommend KMR Driving School if your looking for a "Professional" driving school. On top of everything else they have very sporty vehicles & very clean.............

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