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Baychu Driving School Inc
South Ozone Park NY 11420

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  • Reviews for Baychu Driving School Inc

    • Published 9/12/2011 4:02 PM


      Hey all!! I can honestly say that I had the worst business experience in my life patronizing with Baychu Driving School. My driving instructors name was Kevin ______. I would fill in the blank but apparently he works for the CIA since the he nor the business itself could provide me with his full name. It seems they have no policies on instructors delving into students private life. This dude constantly asked me about my dating life and asked me to go out and eat with him several times. His conversations were improper and vulgar. I don't care to know about his friends getting laid. He used improper language with me and my younger sister by cursing in front of us. (Me and my sister were learning together so she'd be in the back seat when I was driving, vice versa). He also touched my hands unnecessarily, not to show how to put my hands on the steering wheel but just to touch them. He even tried to lead me to a pond at Alley Pond Park asking me several times if I would like to go (on the one day my sister was sick and couldn't make it). He also has very bad etiquette always having his shoes off and stopping the brake with his bare foot which is gross. Besides that, he was always late. For the first two lessons he came on time. Thereafter, for the next 8 lessons he was always 15 to 20 minutes late!! Hello!!! I have a life to get back to after this lesson!! He also provides no privacy to clienteles. He canceled one of his clients on speaker phone in front of us which is a breach of client privacy. Besides that, when he is not talking about himself or bashing his girlfriend, he is listening to audiobooks which take his attention away from our driving. He spent most of our lesson telling us about him, his life, and bad talking other instructors rather than teaching us anything. His job entails giving specific feedback catered to the client which I think is impossible to do if he's distracted listening to his audio device. I also feel has that he does this to other female clients as he has taken other young female student drivers to the actual test site to show them around. I have witnesses, my aunts were there. Just wait till you hear this, on the actual day of the driving test, he had a long stick in the back of the car and when we exited the car he tells me not to tell his boss about Alley Pond Park. This guy has some nerve to want me to cover his ass!! What - The - Hell, I ain't your boxers!!! And the worst part of the whole situation is when I called his boss to report his behavior I was not treated seriously at all. I called Mr. Baychu on Thrusday with no response. On Friday we came into contact and I relayed everything that had happened and you know what that he had to say; he said that he'd call Kevin on Monday since Kevin has such a busy schedule. Are you kidding me?? If your employee is doing unsatisfactory work and harassing students, why the hell would you want him to spend another moment with any of your clients?? Obviously Mr. Baychu truly does not have any respect for his clients. Getting into contact with Mr. Baychu was another joke in of itself, I would call and then he'd turn his phone off or put me straight to voice-mail. It was ridiculous. I can rant on for pages about all the bad behaviors that Kevin displayed and how unhelpful Mr. Baychu was in correcting his behavior. Just please stay away from this place, especially if you're a female. Like I said earlier, Kevin had taken three female student drivers to the test site in his personal car. You can make your own inference about this last statement. This business should not be called Baychu Driving School, it should be called Baychu Dating Services.

    • Published 4/24/2011 11:18 AM


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