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Jersey Tractor Trlr Training
East Rutherford NJ 07073


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  • Reviews for Jersey Tractor Trlr Training

    • Published 9/13/2015 11:56 AM

      Gilberto Rios

      I paid $2050 in full in cash to join their CDL Class A school on March 12th 2015. The package I purchased entitled me to 20 driving hours of one on one instruction with unlimited classroom preparation. I studied at home for 4 months in order to obtain my permit on August 1, 2015. Classes began on August 12, 2015 which were FREE pre trip classes. I was told my participation was mandatory to three of them (they were open to the public non paying visitors as well). I was scheduled for a total of 7 pre-trip classes. When I arrived on the first class all my study materials were wrong and outdated. It was then that I found out that the materials had changed and I was the only wrong with outdated and incorrect information. They never notified me despite having my email or cellphone. I then had to study all the new information again. Throughout those classes the instructor played YouTube videos all day long and handed us a few dittos. He was unable to answer direct questions or provide technical knowledge. Furthermore, he was unable to take us physically to a tractor to look at a truck or explain the nuances. I along with other classmates expressed concern regarding the quality of the program to which he disregarded by making jokes and deflecting all questions. I only received 14 hours of one on one driving when I requested several times that I have experience in driving and my challenges were parallel parking and alley docking. However, the instructor ignored this and I asked to speak to the supervisor Mike Motherwell about this as well as I felt that my one on one hours can be customized to meet my needs as a student not the businesses' wants. Mike suggested to purchase additional hours at $115 per hour. I believe this was done purposely to hook unsuspecting fearful students to spend more money. I cannot afford it. I declined to pay more money & asked to be downgraded to a Class B CDL ( cheaper package). The reason for the downgrade was lack of money to learn to park. While I was driving on the highway the truck got stuck and the instructor was unable to guide me to get it into 3rd gear. When I confronted him about this he admitted not knowing what he was doing. I did not feel that the school provided sound technical training, hands on instruction or have adequately trained staff that was knowledgeable and willing to answer questions if students had them. It is a poorly run and poorly managed facility that runs only on numbers instead of integrity. Moreover, they do not care about handing a huge responsibility regarding the safety of operating a commercial vehicle as they attempt to schedule students for their road test within weeks without reasonably providing ample opportunity for direct practice and instruction. Since I downgraded from a $2050 package to a $1300 (CDL B) I want more hours of training to make up the difference. I feel I was misguided and misled and this was a total bait and switch.

    • Published 12/28/2010 8:52 PM


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