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ABC Driving School
Lake Hopatcong NJ 07849

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  • Reviews for ABC Driving School

    • Published 1/14/2019 4:23 PM


      Great school, very patient

    • Published 4/4/2016 7:45 AM


      I think that my driving instructor is bologna. He is scared of snow, wind, and lightning. He says that he's coming one day and then and then he always comes another day. And he always gets away with it and he always gets to do what he wants to do.

    • Published 6/9/2014 3:23 PM


      this is the best school ever i love the instructor, he was very patient and kind i will definitely recommend them.

    • Published 7/25/2013 7:51 PM


      Patient. Asked for Roger as rec'd below and was satisfied. I am not a teenager and was not sure what to expect. Recommend!

    • Published 5/31/2013 3:03 PM


      First experience was terrible, the guy was playing games on his phone the entire time and was very mean and rude. The second instructor was very nice and helpful.

    • Published 11/13/2012 12:05 PM


      Driver was wonderful with my daughter. Always on time and helped her alot with her anxiety. Is hard to reach them by phone but I did find they would return calls and were very helpful when you talked to them. LOVE LOVE LOVE their instructors !

    • Published 8/31/2012 7:12 PM


      Glad I saw this site after my daughter was out with them or I never would have used them. The instructor was wonderful. His name is Roger and he was patient with my daughter. Don't hesitate to use ABC and ask for Roger.

    • Published 6/20/2012 9:41 PM


    • Published 9/9/2011 12:39 PM


      The worst experience ever. If you pick this driving school you are making a BAD choice (Like I did!!!) NEVER on time. Horrible - Horrible. Very unkind in office...they don't teach anything useful DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY! PLEASE!!!

    • Published 9/4/2011 4:11 PM


      Great School

    • Published 8/24/2011 12:59 PM


      bad. very bad.

    • Published 8/10/2011 11:51 AM


      WORST DRIVING SCHOOL EVER! Took the money from us right away. Never delivered the Blue Card. After 6 driving lessons without giving us the Blue card they never give us the Permit either. Kept my daughter's passport for more than 6 weeks (they still haven't returned her passport as of now), we started to make inquires into this matter. Their response was rude and inconclusive. We were told that the all the documents were sent out via Priority Mail one week ago which cost them a "Large Sum" of 6 dollars so there is nothing they will do to resolve this matter anymore. I called them to express my frustration regarding the way they handled this matter and demanded my daughter's passport back, the lady hung up the phone on me. when I called them back only the answering machine picked up. What kind of driving school are they running there? Very irresponsible and incapable one.

    • Published 6/29/2011 12:10 PM


      Woman was very polite and efficient on the phone.

    • Published 4/21/2011 2:08 PM


      They are not very flexible with scheduling. Lady on the phone was very rude.

    • Published 11/24/2010 1:45 PM


      Great school my daughter was very happy with her inst.

    • Published 11/10/2010 11:21 AM


      im glad to read coments!!!!never see you gain

    • Published 11/1/2010 5:44 AM


      First instructor for my son was great. Then we got his brother and that was terrible. He called my son names and swore at him. He made him feel like an idot. Did not teach him a thing. Never Never Never use this place.

    • Published 8/17/2010 8:11 AM


    • Published 8/5/2010 1:21 PM

      paying customer

      horrible waste of money

    • Published 6/17/2010 5:25 PM


      The first instructor I had was very patient and helped out a lot. A couple lessons later I somehow ended up with a different instructor who didn't even seem to want to be in the damn car. By the end of that lesson I was very uncomfortable and I just wanted to get home. Once you find an instructor you like, always try to recommend them for your next lesson.

    • Published 5/10/2010 11:43 AM


      Instructor was very patient. I would recommend them

    • Published 5/6/2010 7:11 PM


    • Published 4/22/2010 4:48 AM


      The driver insisted on me taking the test at there office and insisted on us leaving our social security and green card. And now they dont pick up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT EVER EVER USE THIS SCHOOL

    • Published 4/10/2010 6:23 PM

      Emma Snyder

      how much is this

    • Published 3/2/2010 12:55 PM


      waste of $$$

    • Published 2/17/2010 3:00 PM


      Was behind one of their cars today doing 70MPH in a 55 on Rt 15N Sparta at 5:20PM on 17 Feb. He was also tailgatging the guy ahead of him for a breif time.

    • Published 9/28/2009 5:14 PM

      Blanca B

    • Published 7/29/2009 8:33 AM


    • Published 3/24/2009 4:28 PM

      RE: to stupid parents and chils

      what is that guy doing? why is he wasting his time going on a website for driving schools in NJ if he doesnt even live there? my guess would be he is a sick predator. you need help pal you sick twisted freak

    • Published 10/9/2008 5:39 PM


      im glad i read the reviews alsooo everyone go to easy method there reviews are great!

    • Published 7/7/2008 8:10 AM


      im glad i read the reveiws, dont think ill be going here

    • Published 6/23/2008 11:28 AM


      I cannot express how badly this school treated me. I have called for three weeks in a row to try and get an appointment for my lesson and road test, and they have yet to let me know. Please do not use this school. They take your money and do not respond in a timely manner.

    • Published 6/5/2008 1:23 PM


      This school is horrible. Poor driving lessons, even poorer customer service. They do not return calls. Do not use this school!!!!!!!

    • Published 5/22/2008 6:48 PM


      Wouldn't recommend them. They never mailed a completion certificate, and kept promising to do it Can't get the insurance discount without it. Just use another driving school.

    • Published 5/17/2008 7:14 AM


      I don't like this school. I could not drive well. They din't even show up some times. The instructor smokes and yelled at me.

    • Published 2/10/2008 9:35 AM


    • Published 1/19/2008 5:53 PM


      Terrible. Instructors never arrived at appointed time. Smoked during lesson. Yelled at my child. Owner promised refund which never came through.

    • Published 7/16/2007 11:32 AM


      This driving school has an excellent driver named darryl he is very nice and very patient he goes step by step and doesn't rush into things he works around what you feel comfortable with and works really good on what your not comfortable with.

    • Published 6/26/2007 1:51 PM


    • Published 6/24/2007 3:16 PM


      I think this school is very cooperative, their instructors are patient, and they leave you satisfied. They have wonderful instructors who are very patient and KNOW what their doing.

    • Published 6/20/2007 12:27 PM


      they're terrible... late every time, 2 or 3 kids in the car, and they won't give me my permit, and its been a week

    • Published 5/9/2007 8:59 AM


      never use this school. it is terrible, and they do not give you all six hours of driving that you pay for, and they put multiple kids in the same car and count it as time, and they tried to charge me extra for doing what they were supposed to do.

    • Published 3/24/2007 2:19 PM


      When I went to this school, i wasn't familiar with any of the staff. Then the owner walked out of his little office, and i realized it was my World History Teacher, who has made my life a living hell for the past nine months. I immediately turned around and left, and after reading these reviews, i'm very glad I did!

    • Published 11/29/2006 1:52 PM



    • Published 9/8/2006 10:51 AM

      Karen Wire

      My experience with this school was horrible!! Customer Service is a phrase they are not familiar with. Every request I made was ignored and the owner was as rude as could be.

    • Published 3/6/2006 3:42 PM

      Derek Pisano

      i need to know if you guys pick me up on my birthday to get my atually drivin license if you can email me back that would be great my email is or it would be better if you call me 973 208 0440 thank you very much my name is Derek

    • Published 12/10/2005 5:24 AM

      katie byrnes

      they didnt show up the first time i was suppose to go driving. now im suppose to go today and there almost 30 minz late.

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