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Esse Driving School of Edina
Edina MN 55439

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  • Reviews for Esse Driving School of Edina

    • Published 2/10/2017 1:15 PM


      I LOVED esse! the teacher is super great and he made sure to answer all of my questions. I passed my test with 100% thanks to him! It didn't matter that the room was dirty, i learned everything that i needed to know and more. I loved esse and i would recommend it to anyone!!!

    • Published 1/25/2016 11:46 AM

      Libby Thompson

    • Published 7/21/2015 11:10 PM


    • Published 5/1/2013 8:04 AM


    • Published 8/15/2012 2:55 PM


      Well... There's "very simply Scott" , the old guy who cracks terrible jokes, and the behind-the-wheel instructors who look like they just came out of a halfway-house.

    • Published 7/31/2012 3:05 PM

      Anony Mouse

    • Published 3/12/2012 6:00 PM


      this school is terrible-the teachers don't know much about anything (especially in Edina) and the classes are not helpful at all. DO NOT GO HERE.

    • Published 8/16/2011 2:07 PM

      larry kenya

      it sucks and the teachers are dicks

    • Published 11/27/2010 9:05 AM

    • Published 5/6/2010 11:52 AM

      Mark Tesija

      Hello. My son will soon be taking driving school classes. Would you e-mail what his options are to fit driving classes in to his active day(s). Please advise at

    • Published 1/24/2010 2:12 PM


      This school was awful you drive in the car with a creepy creepy guy named dennis

    • Published 11/2/2009 2:03 PM

      Gina Pena

      Great School! Please go to this driving school! Very helpful!

    • Published 10/25/2009 5:08 PM


      stop complaining about how dirty the room is, because it is fine. The teachers are kind and effective, there is nothing wrong with esse. stupid edina kids

    • Published 7/17/2009 9:57 PM

      Narayan Duwadi

    • Published 6/7/2009 8:14 PM

      Current Student

      Really everyone, yes its dirty, yes its outdated but its great, i have learned so much as have all my peers. being dirty dosnt effect its learning quality

    • Published 5/29/2009 2:39 PM


      why is every freaking out because its dirty? most of the kids pass the permit test after the classes.

    • Published 5/19/2009 7:28 PM


    • Published 5/19/2009 3:32 PM

      Mrs. Saladaveshijinahira

      Yes, utterly disgusting and grimy. Teaching is bad but I suppose convenient for teens.

    • Published 3/23/2009 1:30 PM

      beau baker

    • Published 12/17/2008 2:43 PM

      who cares?

      It might be a dumpy little room but Scott is a great teacher and isn't totally boring because of how he connects to his students while he's talking. The tests were a little redundant but I have to admit, they were effective. All in all, if you can get over the dirt, it's actually pretty good. And I've never seen a cleaner whiteboard. It's like that's where all the cleaning supplies went. Oh well, at least the pictures are clear!

    • Published 11/16/2008 8:30 PM

      A Mom of a Student

      Esse has the poorest excuse for a classroom that I have ever seen. It is dirty, uncomfortable, outdated. Pathetic. The best thing they have going for them is location and flexible schedule. Spend a few bucks and clean it up, please.

    • Published 11/1/2008 5:35 AM


      I didn't do classroom her only the behind the wheel. My instructor was patient, professional and I learned alot from him.

    • Published 10/30/2008 1:33 PM


      freezing. very simply... awful tv quality uncomfortable gross room but who cares? it'll get my me permit and eventually my liscense, so it's fine.

    • Published 10/8/2008 6:31 AM

      Mrs. Sullivan

      My Son took this class and I have to agree, the room is dirty and uncomfortable looking. I didn't have to sit in class so I assumed (wrongly it seems) that the kids wouldn't care, they do! Teacher seems nice and strict, which is probably a good thing when teaching Driver's Ed. convenient location once you can find it. Only did the paper drivers ed there, not the behind the wheel yet.

    • Published 9/24/2008 4:09 PM


    • Published 7/19/2008 5:49 AM

      Dr. J

      Start acting like a business. Clean up that place and get new equipment.

    • Published 7/8/2008 8:08 AM


      I learned a lot from scott. the small, bare room gave the place an alien feeling and you would hear the occasional loud noise from the dominoes next door (but you could order pizzas from them before class and they would give you a small discount for being from Esse). I liked the visual representations in the class, I'm more of a visual learner so the whiteboard drawings and movies were helpful, even if the movies were old. Also, there was no homework for this class; friends of mine had graded homework from their driving schools and it sounds like they had a worse time than I did. Scott teaches very important information and is very knowledgeable of the world of driving, and he's an interesting character. You're going to be operating a vehicle that could easily hurt or kill someone if used improperly but Scott makes sure everyone in his class knows the right way to use it.

    • Published 7/6/2008 7:37 PM

      nicolas brown

    • Published 6/12/2008 1:08 PM


      best school ever

    • Published 5/15/2008 7:09 PM


      This is a very dirty and outdated class. Someone needs to get in and clean it up. How much can a new tv cost? uncomfortable chairs, smelly and noticably dirty.

    • Published 2/19/2008 3:03 PM


      Very, very dirty. Cold (I recommend taking it in the summer.) TV is ancient - still has dials. Videos are outdated. The only plus I can think of is that it is near the Edina Market.

    • Published 1/29/2008 3:05 PM

      A cool guy

      very good scheduling and teachers.

    • Published 1/25/2008 7:12 PM


      it's so dirty

    • Published 1/18/2008 8:40 AM


      fine, very flexible scheduling, very old environment/room, needs cleaning and updating

    • Published 7/25/2007 2:24 PM


      It is very dirty and hard to pay attention

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