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Mg Driving Academy Inc
Monroe MI 48162

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  • Reviews for Mg Driving Academy Inc

    • Published 8/10/2019 8:18 PM

      Terry Feldpausch

      I wish I had made a video to share on Facebook. If you tend have test anxiety this man will absolutely break you. It is possible to honestly critique and correct without raising your voice or being sarcastic. He can’t seem to manage that very simple aspect of the job.

    • Published 7/4/2019 8:14 PM

      Reality Checker

      GROW UP CHILDREN! Put your phones down and learn how to actually interact with people and the reality of engaging human to human. A driving instructor isn't there to coddle your delusions of entitlement or your fragile feelings. They are there to instruct you on how do things correctly and stay alive. WELCOME to your first taste of adulthood and accepting responsibility.

    • Published 6/11/2016 9:35 AM

      Sasha Tillman

      For all of the people saying all the negative garbage, you need to seriously listen to yourselves. It's his job to critique our driving, and even if you pass, he is still supposed to point out every flaw. He has been working there for a very long time, and is very committed. He does have trouble hearing, but he is a kind man. Jeez.... quit being so inconsiderate.

    • Published 9/10/2015 7:08 PM

      Jamie P.

      After checking into this driving school again for my son and reading the poor reviews, I felt the need to share the experience we had last year with my daughter. The instructor (older man) was never out of line and acted in a professional manner. In fact, if my memory serves correctly, he shared with us that he had lost his wife and I cannot remember how recent his loss was. Can you imagine being married for many, many years and suffering the loss of a loved one? Cut this man some slack and all of the poor reviews should be some compassion and greet others in the way that you wish to be greeted!!!

    • Published 6/17/2015 2:32 PM

      Collin Fiscus

    • Published 5/29/2015 10:52 AM


      Rose, you must be related to him

    • Published 4/9/2015 7:53 AM


      I read all the reviews before my son took his test, so we was expecting the worse. My son had the older gentleman to do his road test. He wasn't at all what others are saying. Very polite, direct, and strict. But if he is giving the kids a road test to make sure they are a safe driver, don't you want him to be strict? Driving a car is putting peoples lives and your kids in danger. That's his job. We even got a few chuckles out of him! Glad we chose this one, and didn't go by others bad experience. Maybe if you have respect you get it back? Just saying...

    • Published 4/4/2015 10:37 AM


      John N was a very unprofessional instructor. Very rude, and very disrespectful. He had little consideration for me when I was taking my test. I passed with flying colors and he still degraded my driving. I would not recommend this location for anyone. John N did not receive/deserve respect from me, nor should he from you. Cheap is a great demonstration of what this place truly is.

    • Published 8/14/2014 4:17 PM


      John N is a complete asshole. I would NOT recommend this place despite it being the cheapest place around. He degrades your driving skills even if it was perfect. The place is so run down, ghetto. I would rather pay $60-$80 for a better person

    • Published 8/5/2014 7:25 AM


      the old decrepit run down deaf sorry excuse for a man is a complete asshole. the building is a dump. He came very close to getting punched in the face. I would never recommend this loser. He might want to bathe himself before he gets in someone's car and the constant coughing up flem was very enjoyable. I'm not a student, I'm a pissed off father. He's lucky he didn't end up on the ground. A real piece of shit. He should watch how he talks to kids with a parent in the back seat.

    • Published 7/22/2014 3:57 PM


      Man who I had the displeasure of taking my road test with was not amiable whatsoever, didn't introduce himself or even greet me just pointed at a chair & told me to sit down. Also highly critical & negative with a largely condescending attitude, not to mention he's deaf in one ear so he can hardly hear you answer his vague theoretical questions, very rude. He doesn't even know some of the laws and mistook several recommendations in a student reference to be state "law". Highly unprofessional wouldn't recommend I'm surprised they're still in business with such a run down learning environment and uninformed unkind instructors.

    • Published 7/17/2014 2:18 PM


      While reading these I thought "maybe these people are just over reacting," I went to take my test and the old man did not smile, shake my hand, or say anything friendly to me whatsoever. When I was done parallel parking he started talking down to me about how I should not have done this and should have done that - he marked me 3 points when I hit a total of zero cones and did not cross any lines he told me not to. while driving he was constantly shaking his head, however, at the end he did not have much to say... not personable AT ALL - even though I tried my hardest. just to add, he is literally half deaf and couldn't hear me when I was answering his stupid questions. p.s. "how would you hit a bush?"

    • Published 3/17/2014 7:51 AM


      They yelled at me when I tried to hide an erection in the car

    • Published 3/15/2014 4:36 AM


      Very disappointed. I had a woman who made me feel uncomfortable in the car, especially since she told my dad that he couldn't be in the car for the driving portion.. Which is what made my nerves really kick in! She yelled at me for making one mistake, and at the end of the test, she said nothing but harsh and critical things about my driving. Yes, I passed (but barely), and I cried so much right as I walked out. Do. NOT. Recommend!!!

    • Published 9/27/2013 2:06 PM


      Best teachers ever, all the pople that say they are mean are not going to be good in the real world, all really nice poeple, the old guy everyone is adraid of is really nice if you earn his respect, very easy class and great program.

    • Published 7/30/2013 9:39 AM


      Before I took my road test, I made the mistake of reading through most of the reviews for their academy. For some reason, I just knew that I would get this "mean" man that everyone was talking about and let me tell you I have no idea what they are talking about! I had the instructor John Neil and he was beyond helpful and kind. He had a very entertaining way of explaining the directions and regulations to me each and every time I had to move on to the next segment. During the actual road test he gave me more than enough warning to when my turns were coming up, we chatted about his hobbies and I chatted about mine; it kept my mind off of the nerves that were making my stomach do that flip-flop thing. He was NOTHING like what people made him seem like. I recommend him to anyone and everyone (he also has issued 60% of Monroe their license). My experience was great and comfortable. BUT this is my advise to people who go to MG, if you want a great experience, I recommend HIGHLY that you walk in there and act like an adult, use your manners, and be courteous. This is the key to having a good experience. The building itself doesn't look "great" but you're not there to admire their decor. Be safe and good luck!!

    • Published 4/22/2013 2:10 PM


      The old guy is so rude. He almost made me cry because he was yelling and puttingme down when i mad a mistake. Terrible place to take it. Millinium is way better.

    • Published 4/1/2013 6:38 PM



    • Published 2/19/2013 8:12 AM



    • Published 1/9/2013 8:28 PM


      I had a lot of fun learning how to drive, the instructor made it a great experience. Kris is so awesome and funny! I recommend getting her as a teacher. The company overall is great!

    • Published 1/9/2013 6:19 PM


      i took my drivers test with mg, very nice people, very professional

    • Published 9/11/2012 7:55 PM


      Very rude and unprofessional during road test. Very rude and unprofessional. would not recommend them. Should be reviewed by State of Michigan.

    • Published 8/3/2012 6:37 PM


      Took mine twice with an old half deaf man ....very mean and rude....but cheap

    • Published 6/6/2012 3:55 PM


      Get a website!

    • Published 4/18/2012 3:46 PM


      I took my road test here twice. The elderly man who evaluated me was rude and half-deaf. He talks down to you when you make a mistake and even started yelling at me in the car afterwards and didn't bother to listen to a word I was saying. He was very intimidating.

    • Published 11/15/2011 7:58 AM


    • Published 10/8/2011 10:35 PM


      I took my road test here today and everything went perfectly. The woman with whom I took my test was polite, and friendly. I did not drive perfectly by any means, and I was graded fairly. I did pass my test.

    • Published 8/31/2011 3:51 PM


      Horrible. The driving instructor, while he couldn't help the fact that he was half deaf, should have turned up his hearing aid and changed his attitude. He was very rude and puts a lot of pressure on the driver during the road test. He got mad if he didn't hear you, then would talk out the open window on the free way and be even more mad that you misunderstood his directions. Constantly yelling and acting like a complete asshole, if you can avoid it, do not go here. Ever. Not to mention that inside the building is filthy, at least the bathroom is.

    • Published 8/11/2011 11:18 AM


      i actually had fun.. loved going learning was way easier.

    • Published 7/28/2011 11:54 AM


      Nice people, i learned a lot and its the cheapest place

    • Published 5/17/2011 6:49 PM


      In the summer, are the hours still 6-8? I'm going to be taking seg. 1 in Aug. I need other times lol

    • Published 3/7/2011 10:10 AM

      meg Baum

    • Published 12/29/2010 5:32 PM


      I liked it there. It was relaxed, and I passed seg I

    • Published 11/6/2010 9:34 AM


      I took the first segment in August. I have to say I had a great time. I was worried that it would be boring. But it wasnt. Itwas fun and I learned a lot. Plus, it was the cheapest place around. 5 stars! (:

    • Published 10/7/2010 12:56 PM


      The guy is a jerk! I failed when I did nothing wrong! He ignored me and said I did/didn't do things that I know I did/didn't do (meaning I did them correctly)

    • Published 9/1/2010 10:41 AM


      Very nice people and arw always willing to take time out of the day to help students

    • Published 6/30/2010 7:37 PM


      they are very nice and patient, they will answer all your questions and help you with everything

    • Published 6/8/2010 11:20 AM


      This is the most unprofessional place I have ever seen.

    • Published 4/15/2010 12:10 PM

      Agree with Confused

      Get a Website!

    • Published 3/8/2010 3:56 PM


      This was a good place =) I learned alot. Although if you go to carlson i suggest you go to Ross so you can save your time.

    • Published 1/16/2010 1:29 PM


      What kind of driving academy does not have a web site in the year 2010. If you can't be up to date in the information age, how can I expect you to teach my son to drive. Even cars have internet access now!

    • Published 12/12/2009 12:06 PM


      I was waiting for my dad to come home and those assholes wouldn't let me take my road test because I showed up to it 10 minutes late

    • Published 6/29/2009 6:02 PM


      I do have a problem with shifting to reveres at 1977 MG.

    • Published 6/15/2009 1:41 PM


      i don't know where this smoking thing comes from but the reamed me out for underage smoking, i did see them smoke with some of the over 18 road test students though.

    • Published 6/2/2009 9:23 AM


    • Published 5/4/2009 12:43 PM


      how much does segment 2 cost?

    • Published 4/21/2009 3:49 PM

      Charles R.

      This program is the shizzle.. ya alll dissin it.. great school great fun teachers!!!!

    • Published 12/8/2008 5:14 AM


      My son took both I/II. In segment I there was some unprofessional behaviors between the female instructor and the kids. I am not aware of the smoking. I was told comments were made inappropriately to male students. This instructor would do personal errands. She would have the students sit in the car for an hour while she would visit relatives. This is just the beginning of inappropriateness. I think it is sad being the class is approximately $300+

    • Published 11/17/2008 5:56 AM


      there very typical

    • Published 11/9/2008 5:20 PM


      Ross is much better! But... regardless of that you people saying that the instructors smoking with some of the students is unprofessional, we'll your just gay as hell because they are cool.

    • Published 9/20/2008 2:42 PM


    • Published 7/17/2008 4:13 PM


      I am going to Take my Drivers Test this Saturday there at MG in Monroe. Very good teachers who don't tollerate much and always like to be on task. The only thing I didn't like about the class was the breaks where the instructors would go out and smoke with some of the students, Otherwise, I learned a lot about driving and from the Videos, It kinda got me scared but that helped me learn and whatnot.

    • Published 6/20/2008 8:58 AM


      going to take my road test today. Hope i do good!!! the first segment was good and the instructor was a good i learned altot, segemt two was just a review of the first class and what to espect on the road test. overall a good class and would reccomend to other student drivers.

    • Published 6/6/2008 3:22 PM


      Good school. They picked him up for his driving times. It was really convenient and nice people. I would recommend it.

    • Published 5/29/2008 6:07 AM


      im going there for my road test today. I hope they are a decent school. ive heard its so eaSy out there.

    • Published 5/28/2008 3:59 AM


      i hear they fail people just to make more money.

    • Published 3/28/2008 2:41 PM


      Ive taken part one, it was a great class, very small though

    • Published 2/29/2008 1:55 PM


    • Published 1/16/2008 2:41 PM


      Horrible place.. go to ross its much better

    • Published 8/6/2007 8:45 PM


      smittys mom thats funny

    • Published 8/6/2007 12:59 PM


      I am on my third child going through the MG Driving Academy. Based on the success with the first two I am very confident the third will go well. From the mouths of two graduates they rate this as an excellent program.

    • Published 7/23/2007 11:45 AM

      Happy and recommended

      Both of my Son's have now taken DT with MG. They were so accomodating to scheduling times, and driving abilities. I will be looking to repeat with MG with future needs of my younger children. Thank you very much.

    • Published 6/12/2007 4:47 AM

      Not very happy

      daughter was very intimidated by this instructer i don't know if the lady was having a bad day or what. But if EVERYTHING in you car is not working she gets upset. The smoking was not a very professional.

    • Published 2/5/2006 7:15 AM

      pat braden

      excellent, friendly enviroment

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