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Auto Xl Driving School
Howell MI 48843

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  • Reviews for Auto Xl Driving School

    • Published 1/23/2020 5:35 PM

      Joe mama

      Everyone in my class passed and I didn’t even study. If you failed ur just dumb

    • Published 3/15/2017 4:19 PM


    • Published 7/12/2014 2:52 PM


      Good classroom material, however poor instruction. The instructor is not very caring towards the students and brings more stress than confidence. No preparation for real driving before going out and doing it.

    • Published 9/11/2013 2:14 PM


      My Debbie let me drive her car and crash. But Mrs D is da bomb. I watch her and I become a fuckin pro!!!!!

    • Published 5/3/2012 5:46 AM


      Autoxl has taught 4 of my kids and each one is a great driver, couldn't ask for a better driving school. Highly recommended!

    • Published 1/23/2012 5:52 PM


      great class. had a blast.

    • Published 11/6/2011 11:04 AM


      mrs. d doesnt care about anything except the money and she just puts in a movie, and sits there on her iphone eating the whole time.

    • Published 2/15/2011 6:11 PM


      Experienced instructors

    • Published 1/19/2011 3:07 PM

      Julia Schoolcraft

    • Published 1/10/2011 7:46 AM



    • Published 11/30/2010 4:37 PM


      all she does is play on her stupid iphone.

    • Published 10/13/2010 10:52 AM


    • Published 7/31/2010 7:37 AM


      Little teenie boppers, if you have questions and your not getting the info from your teacher. 1. tell your parents and 2. ask your parents. duh!

    • Published 7/26/2010 5:56 PM

      Who cares

      All the driving instuctor cares about is the money. she sits there the whole time and plays with her iphone. doesnt teach you a damn thing.

    • Published 5/12/2010 1:35 PM



    • Published 5/5/2010 11:49 AM



    • Published 4/25/2010 1:06 PM

      dont worry about it

      instructor could care less if you did well. she told me that all she started the buisness just because she wanted money. thats it. not a good school. so many people failed the test because she didnt teach the material properly.

    • Published 4/15/2010 2:33 PM


      Loved the teachers. explained material good and wernt boring

    • Published 4/12/2010 3:02 PM


      Horrible driving school, teachers could care less and did not teach well.

    • Published 3/14/2010 3:37 PM


      Love auto xl!!! Great instructors! :)

    • Published 2/3/2010 8:01 AM


      best driving school in michigan they have amazing teachers and thoroughly explain material

    • Published 7/23/2009 10:26 AM

      Hi there!

      Auto XL is a great school! Teachers are great, learned alot. Passed the test! My parents say I'm a good driver

    • Published 6/15/2009 7:11 PM


      I went for the first day, and the place was soooo cold, teachers didnt teach anything. Pretty sure if I would hae continued I would have failed the test.

    • Published 5/26/2009 9:57 AM

      aka: mrs.c

      off the wall sharty

    • Published 1/23/2009 6:18 PM


    • Published 10/2/2008 2:21 PM


      goin to take the test today i rly need to passssssssssssssssssssssss!!

    • Published 8/5/2008 12:09 PM


      didn't explain the materail very well, but the instructors were ok, because they tell funny stories while you are driving.

    • Published 7/31/2008 11:29 AM

      ackmad hoses

      they dont explain the material enough

    • Published 7/31/2008 11:00 AM

      bo bo

      ur test is way to confusing !

    • Published 8/4/2007 6:47 AM

      eunice barr

      was very impressed with the knowledge my son aquired while a student. THE INSTRUCTORS were Great.

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