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American Driving School Inc
Utica MI 48317

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  • Reviews for American Driving School Inc

    • Published 10/3/2014 12:23 PM

      Carol Berry

      Did a great job teach my son Mario when he started driving!!!

    • Published 6/19/2013 9:06 AM

      Abraam Nasseef

    • Published 2/1/2013 8:32 PM


      wish to drive always did

    • Published 4/16/2012 6:39 PM


      This was a good driving school BUT when i was in class the teacher told me not to lean back in my chair and one hour later i did it again by accident because it is a normal reaction. He responded by kicking me out of class. The next month my friend stsrted the same class with the same teacher and he said that he was leaning back in his chair while talking to the teacher like many times and he never kicked him out. then the next day my parents came in to talk to him he was very disrespectful to my parents. It comes out that my parents wasted like $350 on the drivers edd and making me pay for it. And i am very upset by the apple driving service . by the way they did not give me any refund.

    • Published 9/2/2011 2:15 PM


      best driving school!

    • Published 6/11/2010 5:14 AM



    • Published 12/31/2009 8:35 AM

      Hi! PMgZWzcG

    • Published 10/14/2009 4:50 PM

      williams :D

      Mr. richardson is a great teacher. He does his job right he is suppose to be hard on his why would you want a teacher saying your doing great when your not. It's your fault for doing badly you should do what your told read do good on the quizez and drive times apply what he says when your driving. He actually cares for you and wants you to well. He actually talks to you makes conversation and you have a great time with him hes funny too! Driving isnt meant to be easy its a serious business one small move you could be in an accident. People who think he's a bad teacher or whatever needs to realize he's doing his job and he does it well.

    • Published 10/10/2009 3:29 PM

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    • Published 10/10/2009 3:29 PM

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    • Published 10/10/2009 3:29 PM

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    • Published 9/12/2009 2:34 AM cialis

    • Published 9/2/2009 9:02 AM


      They're only out to take your money. On the road test, they don't explain anything either. They're happy to fail you. And good news! When they do fail you, you get $10 off your next roadtest! Yay! :\

    • Published 7/8/2009 12:58 PM

      just another joe shmoe

    • Published 6/2/2009 9:44 AM

      Cory Franzel

      This is the best driving school in the state

    • Published 3/25/2009 3:09 PM

      chandler rolfs

      Mr r. is the best teacher ever

    • Published 3/20/2009 3:26 PM

      Cash Connell

      i love you

    • Published 3/19/2009 11:01 AM

      Mariano Alfafara

      Excellent instructor (Mr Richardson). My daughter was well taught with a lot of attention to the forming of good defensive driving habits. Yes, he is strict, (at least from a 15 year olds perspective), but so what. Driving is not a party. This is is serious business and he instructs his students accordingly.

    • Published 2/8/2009 3:00 PM


      As long as you know how to follow instuctions and participate in a class, this can be very easy. Mr. Richardson is strict, would you want someone who didn't care to be teaching drivers what they need to know? I don't think so. To all of you unsatisfied customers, get your facts straight.

    • Published 1/15/2009 4:12 PM



    • Published 12/26/2008 8:01 PM


      Awful! =[ Just Awful!

    • Published 12/3/2008 7:10 AM



    • Published 10/18/2008 12:29 PM

      None OF Your Business

      In my opinion, the school has a bad repuation as it is. I, believe the teacher, could've gotten the message clearer if he wasnt so inpatient and rude. He, Knew what he was doing, but expected everyone else to know it as well. I took their Segment-1 Class In March 2007. Thats my opinion. Actually the truth.

    • Published 7/24/2008 1:29 PM

      Another unhappy Customer

      This company is only there to take your money. They are not interested in anything else. This company also does not follow the proper procedures provided by the state of Michigan ( page 10) PLEASE READ ALL THE OTHER REVIEWS BEFORE YOU WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!

    • Published 7/24/2008 1:03 PM

      Disgruntled Customer

      My instructor was Mrs. Erin Richardson. I was only at this school to take my road test, and she was very vague with her instructions. I failed the parking test by one point because she failed to clarify that I need to stop before a thick yellow line but after a small line. I parked within 12 inches of the wide yellow line but failed to pass a small white line, that she did not mention. She also gave me two points for the same infraction, each point had a different reason, even though it was the same infraction. When she informed me that I missed the test by one point, I asked her to clarify the two infractions that gave me 3 points. As soon as I asked she got very condescending with me, and started to get rude. I wasnt even there for 3 minutes and she was ready to take my money, with out challenging the infraction. If you even try to question her, even if you may be right and you are polite, she will quickly go into "defense mode". She even mentioned why she gets so defensive quickly, which leads me to believe that she does not want to help you, but just take your money. I would highly reccomend a more reputable company such as Courtesy, or Apple driving school.

    • Published 7/1/2008 12:51 PM

      David Davidson

      MUD. KIP. SSS.

    • Published 6/26/2008 11:15 AM

      joe stallings

      im a neaphrodite which means im 3/4 man and 1/4 fish, they wouldnt let me drive when i got there because of my deformity.... teribble

    • Published 6/16/2008 11:52 AM

      Horns Woggle

      Im a midget, they have a thing against midgets and my name. my real name is Horns Woggle.

    • Published 6/16/2008 7:37 AM


      i absolutly HATED drivers ed because of the teacher. i dreaded going to drives and class. i will most definatly NOT be coming back.

    • Published 5/24/2008 6:39 PM

      Tyler Schmittler

      American Driving school is a great school. Mr. R is a G he taught me alot and basicallly everything i needed to know in class he was a good teacher keeping us interested and showing us what we needed to learn from the movies pointing it out what is what doing exam stuff like whos at fault made me learn alot me n all my friends are coming back for him hesa G and teaches us alll we needa know about driving go there

    • Published 5/24/2008 4:28 PM


      I had American Driving School for sement 1, 2 and the road test. It is a harder program but if you really want to learn how to drive, this is the place to go. Mr R is hard on you because he cares.

    • Published 5/19/2008 6:54 AM

      George Pollak

      I love this school so much

    • Published 5/19/2008 6:51 AM

      Evan Richardson

      this is a great school

    • Published 5/14/2008 3:34 PM


      ASH IS A SandNigger

    • Published 5/13/2008 7:08 PM


    • Published 3/3/2008 6:28 PM


      Mr. Richardson was the best driving teacher ever and i will come back to take segmetn 2 with him.

    • Published 1/18/2008 8:11 AM


    • Published 11/5/2007 5:03 PM


      ha I loved mr. Richardson He was funny.. I failed and that was my fault.. its not till the end when you realize that he really is trying to help you

    • Published 9/5/2007 11:12 AM

      Dawn Warfield, Liscensed Pastoral

      Parents and Students Beware. This is operation ran by abusive personalities who are there to take your money without providing a legitimate service. After speaking to other patrons and other companies who provide same type of service they have a history of abusive and unprofessional behavior. I was told they have written their own positive reviews.

    • Published 7/18/2007 11:39 AM

      Lisa Trull

      I tried to go to American Driving School and the day I was supposed to take the parking class I called to get directions. The guy who I think owned the business was extremely rude! He told me he has been there since 8:30 in the morning and he didn't have time to help me! There was a lot more to the conversation but they ended up taking my money even though I was right there! I am now in a battle with them to get it back! These people are money hungary and they will fail you just to get your money and have you come back!!!

    • Published 5/19/2007 7:41 PM


      very poor, people there are jerks and are nobody would whant the life of them!

    • Published 9/26/2006 4:39 PM


      mr r is awesome

    • Published 7/31/2006 11:12 AM

      ashley paquin

      wow i loved that class =D mr richardson is the best ever =]=] def commin back for seg 2 soon

    • Published 7/21/2006 9:48 AM


      Sometimes Mr. Richardson could get mad, but all in all it was a fantastic class and I know i became a better driver because of it

    • Published 6/22/2006 8:39 AM


      very good

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