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Waterfield Driving Academy
Winchester MA 01890

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  • Reviews for Waterfield Driving Academy

    • Published 7/14/2009 8:46 AM

      Janet - parent

      My son started w/Dan 1.5 years ago and still hasn't gotten his license because Dan can't be reached (we've been trying since the first of the year). His office number is disconnected and I haven't been by the driving school location but I can bet that it no longer exists! I texted him in March and "his brother" texted me back saying that Dan was in the hospital, due to get out in the next day, and would call me to set up the remainder of my son's driving instructions (he owed us 11 driving hours!). Never heard from him again even after leaving 5 or 6 voice messages on his cell. I now have been taking my son driving so that he can get his license before his permit expires in December. Not only did I pay in full up front... but once my son gets his license, he won't get the deduction on his car insurance. The thing is, Dan was a really nice guy and my son learned well from him when he attended the classroom portion. I do believe Dan would have been a good "on road" instructor. Guess we'll never know!!

    • Published 8/28/2008 7:13 PM


      Very Very unorganized instructor...once you pay them they forget about you DO NOT start here it will take you a year and a half to get your license

    • Published 8/9/2008 1:18 PM


      i have been trying to finish up and get my license for the past year! We can't reach him, we can't contact him, and we finally two months ago saw him. My mother and I were way too nice to him, and my mom asked if he remembered me, and he said he thought I had my license?!!! Not only that but she said that she paid him money and that she "was wondering" if he could finish up my last lesson and schedule my road test. He quickly became so flustered and defensive, saying that everyone wants "freebies" (we paid him for a lesson we never received). My mom quickly tried to diffuse his temper by saying that all she wanted was what she paid for, and he got angry, said no freebies again and again, and then he slightly calmed down and said that he will call me that week or the week after to speak with me........I haven't from him since and I'm not surprised. Ever since i've met him he has proven himself to be the most IRRESPONSIBLE adult that I have ever met. I later found out that he had records violation, with not keeping the students records organized and properly documented...I truly believe I may be one of those students.

    • Published 6/19/2008 1:48 PM


      I haven't been able to locate the school, no luck @ 66 Swanton St address, do any of you out there have the address that would need to go to.

    • Published 6/16/2008 2:59 PM

      Donna M.

      I too reviewed the violation prior to sending our daughter and our neighbor who is a high ranking R.M.V. official said that Dan is by far one of the best instructors in the state. The record flop was "minor" according to him and if he indicated anything different we would not have sent Her there! As we are now done I must say that Dan was a stickler for the hours and a by-the-book attitude. I'm sure as with anything else sometimes people bend and twist the truth. Thanks Dan and staff for a wonderful job and We are praying for your Mother.

    • Published 6/6/2008 8:22 PM

      someone who knows

      People who do not keep records properly have something to hide. I have been a teacher in this area for many years and you hear the rumors echoed year after year from the teenagers. This school has not been providing the proper amount of class/driving time required. No wonder it tends to be cheaper than others.

    • Published 6/2/2008 8:04 PM


      We looked into this and learned that the suspension according to the Registry was for a record keeping violation. Certainly it is possible to make an error or two and have a Government body lambaiste you with penalties as the state does with my business!

    • Published 5/28/2008 5:53 PM


      If you believe this driving school has "done a great job" and these comments are "just sour grapes & competitors" Could you please explain why the Registry had recently suspended their license to conduct business? Looking forward to a response!

    • Published 5/15/2008 9:20 PM


      I echo what kim has to say! They did a great job with my son and he is a much better prepared driver than our other two kids that went elsewhere! I believe that many of the comments here are just sour grapes and competitors!

    • Published 5/9/2008 10:23 AM

      Unhappy Mom

      My son has been waiting since December to finish driving lessons. I want him to just be done with it so he can get his license. Would not recommend this school to anyone. I would absolutely discourage it.

    • Published 4/18/2008 10:25 AM


      Don't believe everything you read here. My son attended Waterfield and it was a terrific experience. He is somewhat special needs and Dan was very understanding and patient with him. They did an outstanding job and boosted my son's self esteem to the hilt. Sometimes it is easy to criticize. I strongly reccomend this school and when you compare pricing with other schools, there is a significant difference in price. Waterfield was $679.00 compared to $950.00 and $1189.00 for the other local schools.

    • Published 2/11/2008 6:01 AM

      Concerned Mom

      Shame on Lynnfield Community Schools for not apprising parents and students re this "fly by night" driving school. What a horrible experience. The money needed to be paid ASAP, but months later there is still no certificate or driving lessons for my son! Time to take it to the news stations...

    • Published 1/30/2008 5:21 AM

      Lon Cohen

      My son completed Waterfield's driving instruction last fall. I have been trying to get his certificate from completion since that time. Waterfield has not responded to my call or letters and 7 calls to Susan Leffler @ Lynnfield schools has not produced any results other then to tell us after the 7th call that "she'll put us on the list!" I echo the comments of the person below!

    • Published 1/17/2008 1:02 AM


      Great job Susan Leffler and Lynnfield High School, you have succeeded in allowing another sub-standard driving school to operate within your community. YOU ASKED FOR IT!

    • Published 1/10/2008 7:54 AM

      See you in court!

      Will be calling RMV today. Waterfield needs to be shut down.

    • Published 1/8/2008 8:37 AM


      This guy Dan is a horror show. Never, ever, returns calls.

    • Published 12/27/2007 8:36 AM


      still haven't gotten my driving hours. i took drivers ed before i even got my permit, in july, and now in december i am trying to schedule driving and observation hours in time to be eligible for my license in february. however, he never answers his work or cell phone. the one time he did he said he would call me back with a date to start hours, but he never called back. typical.

    • Published 11/15/2007 7:16 PM


      My son has completed the class lessons months ago... I have called dan day afer day and emailed.. no response, what a joke. Don't waste your money because once I am done dragging him through court and the better businees bureau he wont have a business.

    • Published 11/13/2007 6:54 AM

      Joseph Channell

      I finished my drivers ed course two and a half months ago and have still gotten no response for driving or observing time. Dont waste youre money here because youre child will never get their licence

    • Published 11/6/2007 8:00 AM


      Dan was quick to take the money for the lessons but my son has had his permit for almost two months and we have not been able to reach him for driving lessons. When I paid the bill in full in June he said my son could start driving lessons immediately. What a joke...I can't get a call back or an e-mail to go through. The same automated response comes back every time I send the email.

    • Published 10/22/2007 4:08 PM


      trust me do not do drivers edd via waterfield.. the guy never returns emails, and its basically impossible to get your driving hours done within id say 4 months. take my advice, and dont go through waterfield

    • Published 10/18/2007 11:57 AM


      i have been trying to get my son enrolled into driving classes, but no one answers the phone or returns my emails. They're quick to take money but don't want to hear from you after that...

    • Published 9/20/2007 9:46 AM


      Terrible. We have been waiting 6 months to finish my daughters driving. They don't answer email or phone. Everyone in town has the same problem. Currently a few are seeking criminal charges against this business.

    • Published 7/22/2006 8:08 AM

      Dave Hall

      Now our secocond child has completed thier driver education through this school and I have to say after hearing so many horror stories about driver ed programs in general, that this was not the case here. Dan and his staff were professional,courteous,patient and available and exceeded our expectations. Great place!!!

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