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Tanner City Auto School
Peabody MA 01960

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  • Reviews for Tanner City Auto School

    • Published 11/10/2016 6:54 PM

      Rachel H.

      DO NOT go here. This school deserves a resounding zero stars. Worst school in Essex county. Total waste of $125.00, examiner was rude and she was very impatient. Was scheduled for 4:44pm and took it at nearly 7:00pm after waiting in a tight classroom. The instructors that you are with on lessons do not teach proper techniques for driving. I would reccomend any other school, do not waste your money as you will NOT get it back.

    • Published 8/8/2016 7:52 AM


      Wow, there are some bad reviews here. I am currently looking for a driving school for my son. When I was about to register for Tanner City, The online registration had a $42 service fee. For what? They don't disclose any fees other than the classroom lessons and driving lessons. I assumed that the driving test would cost extra, but they never tell you how much. To get clarification, I called the office. No answer. The voicemail message was more than 2 months old and once the outgoing message was complete, I was told that the voice mailbox was full. This company obviously has more business than they know what to do with. They don't need mine.

    • Published 2/18/2016 4:36 AM


      These are young children, examiner was very rude insulting and used an F.. bomb, unnecessary and NOT ok. I agree with all the comments, they failed every kid I saw 4 out of 4, yup they want you to repay its all about the $$$, do not go to this "school"

    • Published 1/12/2016 6:54 PM


      Had 3 children go though this school with no problems. I would highly recommend this school.

    • Published 8/20/2015 9:14 AM


      Horrible school, Drivers are rude to the kids!!! Nobody answers your phone calls. They tell you one price and then keep adding on money! DO NOT SEND YOUR KIDS THERE!!!!!!!!!! Rating would be ZERO

    • Published 8/6/2015 8:39 AM

      Carl W

      worst driving school in the nation. With the exceptions of phil and ken, everyone in the organization sucks from the disgustingly unorganized woman that answers the phone, to the driving instructor that cancelled my lesson 20 minutes after it was suppose for the bullshit reason that it was too hot outside. I then was scheduled a lesson for 2 weeks later, it was cancelled again. FUCK tanner city

    • Published 3/16/2015 5:33 AM


      start this out by saying FRAUD, me and one off my friends street raced before we had our license/ can drift take corners at 60/70 mph can batman a car, and we both failed are first time on the road test. The purpose of this is so that you have to double pay them for it. so if your child feels from here dont be disappointed that they cannot drive or there unsafe behind the wheel.. and remember bettencourt family karma is a bitch. when read think of all the children you have upset made cry or families that do not have the money to spend on another test and financial hurts them can go on and on bottom line DONT recommend to anyone hope place burns down

    • Published 8/29/2014 6:29 AM


      School does not answer phones quickly, poor teaching of parking. The instructors don't pay attention to the kids while driving. I think this school needs an over haul from teaching to driving. Money not spent well at this school and I will not let any of my other children go there.

    • Published 8/9/2014 5:56 PM


      tanner shitty

    • Published 4/19/2014 5:06 PM



    • Published 4/19/2014 4:53 PM


      TANNER CITY IS THE WORST DRIVING SCHOOL YOU COULD GO TO! Everything about it just sucks. They never pick up the phone, and if you leave a voicemail it takes forever for them to give you a call back. I booked an appointment with them for a road test at 10:30am and they called me back 2 weeks later to tell me that they changed it and I had to be there at 9:30am the next morning. People who work there are just rude and do not care at all about anything. It is just a total rip off, and they fail you for nothing!! The road test is $100. I'd rather throw that money in the trash, than pay them. IT IS A TOTAL RIP OFF! DO NOT GO THERE! WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY !!

    • Published 11/2/2013 7:09 AM


      Took my girlfriend to her 7am test. She didn't even start till 930 and there was barely 12 kids there. Cost 100$ to even take the test. Then she did everything perfect but the driver failed her because "unnecessary slow/stop,". Its not illegal anywhere to slow down, especially to look both ways before taking a turn. I'd rather eat 100$ then see another person waste time and money on this place. If you have the option DO NOT go to tanner.

    • Published 10/12/2013 4:35 AM


      If I could give this "school" a zero, I would. My daughter's driving lesson was 20 minutes ago and her and my husband have been driving all over Peabody and Danvers with all locatoins closed! During this past summer, it took someone 7 weeks to get back to me so we could schedule the rest of her appointments, after countless messages left by me and my husband. At this point, honestly, i'm not even surprised at what's happening this morning. I've gone to Yelp and other review sites about this school and most of them are negative, with the one or two (probably written by the incompetent office staff) positive ones. Someone should close this place down!

    • Published 9/7/2013 9:31 AM

      jackie krantz

      Tanner city driving school in a word, sucks. It took them over six weeks to cash the check I wrote, then the incompetent woman who works in the office never mentiined to my husband to pay the registry until the afternoon of the day before my son's test, which was on a Saturday. We couldn't pay by phone because the hold time was so long that we gave up and rescheduled the driving for two weeks later. The week before the test we got a call from the woman from the office telling us to bring $100.00 for tanker city and $70 for the registry. This was after we had paid for a package for driving instructions and the use of their car plus we had already paid the registry by phone. They told me my son was ready for the road test but apparently they don't know what they are talking about because he failed it. DO NOT GO THERE!!!!

    • Published 10/25/2012 3:29 PM


      Worst school ever I over paid them and will not get back to me never go here it is the worst driving school in the world they are all ass holes

    • Published 6/29/2012 11:20 AM

      fe ge

      You get what you pay for - TERRIBLE School - No customer service - Check to see who owns this school before you give them your money

    • Published 6/19/2012 3:11 PM



    • Published 10/11/2011 1:55 PM


      They are a total rip off. You pay 100.00 to take the road test with them then another 100.00 at the RMV??? They should really tell you what you are getting for your money. 100.00 for someone to sit in the back of the car for 8 minutes????

    • Published 5/15/2011 7:51 AM


    • Published 2/10/2010 5:48 PM


      Dont do it I have one child that was in tanner city and I could almost never get through to a person and when i did I could not book ant lessons unless i wanted to wait 3 weeks. Just an FYI my sister sent her daughter to a school in lynnfield and she is almost done with her lessons, looks like I choose the wrong company. I have one more son and they will not be going there. PS they also tell you that the cost is one price then they charge for all the extras. Dont do it....

    • Published 9/14/2009 3:05 PM


      The Material is old the class site is a mess Hot, dirty, small. To say it best their beat driver left and started her own company Clearview Driving Academy go see her tell them Joe sent you. I had her she was the best

    • Published 4/1/2009 3:45 PM

      miguel andino

    • Published 11/15/2008 4:11 AM


      Hard to get driving lessons and observations. Phone calls not returned to schedule times. They did not keep good records. No one communicated in their office so they were all confused. Drivers short changed times on observation. If he had 1 hour, it was 30-45 minutes. School was a waste of time. The boys sat in the back and played PSP. There were no tests or projects. I feel my son lost out in learning.

    • Published 9/9/2008 5:44 AM


      Mr raffael was the best, the kids loved him

    • Published 5/10/2008 11:52 AM


      My kid went to driving school here and they got out early, had way to many breaks, and did not learn anything. I wish I knew that there was another school in town (Stop N Go Driving Academy) that is where my next kid is going 978-531-9009

    • Published 1/13/2008 1:51 PM


      it amazingly amazing

    • Published 7/31/2006 9:42 AM


      Tanner city was by far the worst driving school in the essex county area! They scammed money and didnt properly teach how to drive. They never taught how to back into a space or how to parallel park nor did they explain anything about the car or what to do in an emergency. Dont waste your money here.

    • Published 6/21/2006 11:11 AM

      Erica Loughlin

      Tanner City auto is the best in the peabody area!!!!!!!!!

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