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Pioneer Valley Driving School
Amherst MA 01004

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  • Reviews for Pioneer Valley Driving School

    • Published 10/26/2015 10:19 AM


      At first i got this really annoying female instructor who keeps telling you that you are not ready to give the test and you need more lessons even though you don't but for my second lesson i requested a different instructor which was a somewhat old guy but he was really good instructor and guided me pretty well.

    • Published 10/23/2015 9:59 AM

      Tauqeer Hassan

      The cars are good and I would advise anyone going there not to drive with the instructor with the curly hair.she is the most annoying instructor a person can get. Stay away from her. She will always tell you that you need more lessons regardless that you do or do not. She keeps interrupting you during the lesson which makes you even more confused

    • Published 8/10/2015 9:03 AM


      The same thing that happened to J Shen is happening to me except this time it's some middle aged jock who keeps failing me for the stupidest reasons like I went slightly over the speed limit and other stuff like that, it is just a big scam!

    • Published 12/29/2013 5:06 AM


      The instructors are rude and make fun of your mistakes. They are also sound racist. Once I heard them make fun of the accent of an asian student who was taking classes with them.

    • Published 12/28/2013 10:40 AM

      J Shen

      BEWARE OF PVDA! I am not very fond of writing reviews as I don't have time out of my busy academic schedule. However, I feel morally obligated to share my experiences at Pioneer Valley Driving School (PVDA) at Amherst, MA. I hope this will enable others to make a wise and conscious decision before taking classes from this driving school. Most of the Driving Schools who provide classes and training, ensures that you are prepared to take road test and take much pride when you pass the test. However, the goal of Pioneer Valley Driving School seems to be to get maximum profit out of you and make your quest for a driver's license a hell-like experience. After taking their expensive lessons, there is high chance that you will fail the road test and you are made to take more lessons. One of the condition for taking the Saturday road test at PVDA (fee is $80) is to take couple of private lessons ($60 each). During their Saturday road test the examiner may fail you for some minor mistakes and asks you to take more classes from PVDA. I am not sure but it seems PVDA has some close (or illicit) ties with the examiner (its always the same old lady from RMV). Otherwise, It is absurd that the examiner instructs you to call PVDA office to schedule for more lessons. When I went to take the Saturday road test for the second time, the first thing the examiner wanted to know was how many more lessons did I take at PVDA. She would even verify with the person from PVDA who accompany you during the test. The examiner's role should be to judge a person's ability to drive safely and not to judge the number of lessons he took from PVDA. I didn't take any lesson and rather took ample practice with a friend. Most of the students like me can't afford to pay for more lessons at PVDA. The examiner failed me again for driving too slow and asked me to take more lessons from PVDA. I can't tell for sure but it seems like a big scam involving the PVDA and the examiner (old lady) to profit from the vulnerable UMass students like me. I wish I have enough evidence to prove it. I wasted almost $450 for the expensive lessons and two road tests at PVDA. I passed my road test at the local RMV last week. I was fool and regret that I didn't go to the local RMV who charges only $20 for a road test. I just want to make others aware of my experience. I feel lighter now. It's upto you to make your decision. Good Luck!

    • Published 10/6/2009 12:26 PM

      boobie miles

    • Published 4/8/2009 6:55 AM



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