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Mr KS Auto School Inc
Haverhill MA 01830

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  • Reviews for Mr KS Auto School Inc

    • Published 3/29/2017 10:07 AM


      BUYER BEWARE!!!!! THIS TOOK ALMOST A YEAR TO GET A LICENSE AND 10 MONTHS TO GET ALL THE CLASSES!!!!! If I could give this company a -5 stars I would, 5 STARS DOWN!!!!! THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY!!!! This is the worst business I have ever encountered. First the owner is the only one that my son ever got when he was able to get a class. Apparently this company was bought sometime in 2015 and shortly thereafter all the people must have quit. A fried recommended them to us and there were the cheapest around, but that was only part of the selection process. We were told they were fast and they didn’t have any issues. Well I guess that all ended right before we signed up because they only had one driver when my son started to attempt to get hours in with them. They have a website but they barely update it, they have a policy of 10 DAYS BETWEEN CLASSES, they are OVERBOOKED, the Don’t RETURN CALLS TO PARENTS, THEY DON’T ANSWER THEIR PHONE, the owner sets his clock 10 MINUTES FAST and he COMPLAINS THAT STUDENTS ARE LATE. The other day I went to drop off my son and we waited for 30 minutes for a final lesson, I made him call and the owner said he would be there in 10 minutes, when he finally left with MR k’s I went home. 5 minutes after I was home my son walked in and the lesson was over? In September my son was having issue getting appointments, I called several times and the company never returned my call. I was biding my time till I would write this review, DO NOT EVER GO HERE!!!!!! THIS IS THE WORST COMPANY AROUND!!!! DO NOT PAY THEM FOR ANYTHING!!!!!! Finally after months of waiting and limited class availability because this guy is oversold and has no employees therefore he cannot accommodate your child in a timely manner and it looks like he must be so difficult to work with he can’t keep employees. This week my we paid a extra 110 dollars to have the registry come and test as a group with apparently another school and other people. We brought a check, this seemed to be a issue because the owners wanted cash (maybe they are so strapped for money they only want cash) whatever happened to accepting CC? Maybe this is some under the table stuff they don’t want a record of for the IRS? Either way they made a big deal of it and kept saying it over and over again to my son. So much so that they told us we have to go to the registry because we didn’t “Pay Early”. Today my son finally go this license at the registry…. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE… because Mr. K’s didn’t know the date when we finally go the registry we had to wait till they changed it in the system from some arbitrary day in the future to Monday this week. Most likely because we paid whit a check!!!! Just another screw job by these INCOMPETANT “business OWNERS” DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!

    • Published 1/10/2011 9:58 PM


    • Published 5/1/2008 9:36 AM



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