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Dedham Auto School
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  • Reviews for Dedham Auto School

    • Published 4/3/2014 3:55 PM


      Dedham Auto School receptionist is "RUDE"! I was close to registering for a course too much attitude and should not represent your auto school! I am very disappointed!

    • Published 6/19/2013 2:11 PM


      mr. C Thank You for all the help the test was easy. There was something my mom wanted me to tell you but i forgot. Mom grew up on thomas street and often went to the little store down the street and she wanted me to tell you that the way you comb your hair and the gray and black in your hair and goe tee remind her of the man that ran the store. she said his name was bustah but i think she means buster.. thanks again Rose.

    • Published 4/10/2013 7:22 AM


      how much do the classes cost for the week of April vacatioin

    • Published 7/17/2012 5:50 PM


      class instruction -vy good, driver inst. good. main complaint is communication. no cell phone communication, so when they dont show up, theres no way to find out where they are, if they forgot etc. if you have to reschedule anytime within 24 hrs of appt, even if day prior 23 hrs to appt you are stuck with paying fee. they need cell phone accessibility

    • Published 6/10/2011 9:22 AM



    • Published 5/2/2011 11:17 AM


    • Published 4/19/2011 4:09 PM

      allen vinson

    • Published 2/26/2011 1:12 AM


      I just went thru the class about 6 months ago and thought Mr. C was agreat instructor. Why would anyone want to fire him?

    • Published 2/25/2011 5:56 PM

      Breaking news

      To Whom It May Concern, I have some late breaking news. Joe Black is seriously considering selling the Business! That’s right; the Dedham Auto School may be going up for sale in the very near future. It is a decision based on health concerns. You have always started each sentence with “you know what I would Do” well here is your chance to show us. So here is a great opportunity for you to put your ideas into action. Hey at the very least you could buy the business and have the fun of firing Mr. C.

    • Published 12/2/2010 12:05 PM


      Frank, i think you are being a little mean...i think kids needs to learn how to drive aggressively and be able to handle now a days are too spoiled and are babied...tough love...i think maybe you need to take anger management and maybe trade in your wheels for a tonka truck...OH or better yet, you can get one of those big wheels that looks like an Escalade and you can cruise around in that...maybe one can come equiped with IM A MORON AND SUPPORT STUDENT DRIVERS on the roof for you.....

    • Published 5/3/2010 9:24 AM


      I guess that stuff from Salem realy does work.

    • Published 4/26/2010 5:06 PM

      no name

    • Published 3/25/2010 12:34 PM

      chris burke

    • Published 3/10/2010 5:22 AM

      larry Harmon

      If someone put something in because of what I had said I didn't know someone liked me that much.

    • Published 3/9/2010 5:46 AM

      Low Life

      Gee if I don't know who puts something in or what they put in then I can honestly say I don't know anything about it, it wasn't me.

    • Published 12/17/2009 5:23 AM


      My daughter learned to drive with them and they are professional and efficient. I'd heard horror stories about other auto schools - difficulty scheduling and safety issues...we have been pleasantly surprised with the whole experience. He really does know how to help these kids become good drivers, he was easy to work with, very reasonable and yes, by the book - which is what we wanted. To the "tailgater", maybe you shouldn't have been so pushy, it makes new drivers nervous - that's why they have the sign on top of the car. Give 'em a break, you were a new driver once! It's too bad he flip you off, but it's hardly road rage. It's too bad you've made a point of trashing this companies name, they do a great job!

    • Published 10/10/2009 2:08 PM


      I just finished up all my driving/observation hours. I did most of the hours on the weekend which was nice for me because I work during the week after school. Insructors were friendly and I learned alot. I would recommend Dedham Auto School.

    • Published 9/11/2009 3:09 PM


      I just finished my driving yesterday and am going to get my license soon. I had Mr.C for most of my lessons and i thought he was very helpful and informative and he made the car a lot less tense. I also had Mr.Tobber for a lot of my lessons, my first two and last two. I thought he was a good instuctor and never yelled or was mean. Both instructors were great! and Mr.Black was always calling me with cancellations and stuff, so theyre willing to work with you if your willing to work with them

    • Published 7/25/2009 12:13 AM

      Whoa Nelly

      Another entry. Oh Im sorry were you going to use this title next.

    • Published 7/23/2009 11:01 AM


      Frank - go screw. If you noticed the 'clowns' comments below, the words 'tailgating' were in quotations. and also indicated that it was what the owner called it and not the driver. Glad you would allow your kids to be taught by someone with road rage and the nerve to flip off other drivers while on a lesson. Great example to set for kids.

    • Published 7/19/2009 1:05 PM


      mr c didnt quit nor has he gave his 2 weeks. just to clear this up for everyone he still works there

    • Published 7/15/2009 3:17 PM

      Kevin G

      Is this Susan B. if so look at my space about Mr. C. I heard Mr. C. is training the new guy Mr. Moor as his replacement.

    • Published 7/14/2009 9:13 AM


      Does anyone know what happened to Mr. C. I heard he gave his notice or quit to open his own school? Does anyone have any information?

    • Published 7/13/2009 8:10 AM


      I live in Norwood.can you pick me up

    • Published 7/12/2009 6:48 AM


      Instructors are very bad!!!

    • Published 6/4/2009 7:27 PM


      Ryan, Are you kidding? You admit to tailgating a student driver.....someone who is most likely young, nervous, and inexperienced while in control of a 3000lb machine? The last time I saw one of their cars it had a large sign on the roof that had "STUDENT DRIVER" on it. What's your excuse moron? Trying to intimidate a young girl/boy behind the wheel? My daughter went thru Dedham auto school and it was awesome. If the insructor only gave you the bird you're lucky. Try tailgating my daughters car while I'm in it. I think I can speak for every parent that reads this when I would have bigger problems to worry about. To all the kids that read this clowns comments: these are the types of fools on the road who think they can do anything they want when they drive, but when someone says something they get mad. Ryan.....go get a bike and a life.

    • Published 6/3/2009 1:01 PM


      I'm really sorry but Dolores?? GROW UP!!!!! You cant even spell correctly. You are suppose to be a parent? My mother would never act like that and it amazes me that a grown women would waste her time fighting with young adults on a website. Though your bitterness and immaturity gave me laughs throughout my day, it makes me sad to know people like you reproduce.

    • Published 6/3/2009 8:39 AM



    • Published 6/3/2009 7:35 AM


      "I can not comment on the school itself, but I can comment on the instructor that flipped me off for "tailgating" as the owner put it, however we were in traffic and the center of town and driving 20mph tops. No need to give someone the middle finger, that's road rage and God knows I would not want this angry guy to be teaching my kids how to drive!!!!!!"

    • Published 4/29/2009 7:18 AM


      I hated this school

    • Published 1/28/2009 12:06 PM


      Horrible school

    • Published 11/2/2008 6:22 PM

      Frank Rezendes

      pork and rice. bye.

    • Published 11/2/2008 6:06 PM

      dedham fag

      Mr. Black is a fat miserable man end of story.

    • Published 4/13/2008 2:36 PM


      It is with great pleasure that we announce the addition of two more instructors to the Dedham Auto School Staff. Mr. Tauber Mr. Tauber has returned to the Dedham Auto School after a brief hiatus. Mr. Tauber has always been one of the most liked instructors at the Dedham Auto School. Mr. Tauber has had a great many students over his 30-year career some of which are now parents who now have children of their own enrolled at the Dedham Auto School. Mr. Tauber was truly missed by staff and students when he retired, but now he is back and the new students have had only positive comments about him Mr. Kane. Mr. Kane has a solid background in law enforcement. Students have had only positive comments about Mr. Kane weather it is in the classroom or in the car. Mr. Kane is a valuable asset for the school and the students. This now brings our staff to a total of five instructors who can instruct in the classroom or the cars. We also have three auto school vehicles to better serve our student’s needs with scheduling driving lessons Monday through Sunday. Our reorganization of staff and location has proved to be very positive. The new classroom we have moved to also has proved to be an asset allowing us greater flexibility in scheduling student and parent classes. The Dedham Auto School is growing steadily with students from surrounding towns choosing the Dedham Auto School as the school of choice based on our performance and reputation.

    • Published 4/13/2008 7:52 AM

      Mr. C.

      Students often ask which Registry they should go to. If you practice in the family vehicle as we have instructed you to do in the Drivers Ed. Cars, then any Registry is fine. The test is about safety according to the R.M.V. Manual. We go to Brockton if students decide to go with us. If you are going in the family vehicle I suggest Brockton if possible. Here are some local Registry’s and their pass rates as posted on the R.M.V. web site. Brockton 88% Dorchester 81% Quincy 72% Watertown 80%

    • Published 4/11/2008 7:02 PM

      Joseph Collins

      i took the class during Feburary vacation and Mr. Black was awsome! he was funny and made the class fun. he never really yelled except during movies to tell people to stop talking which is reasonable. the movies are hilarious too. just don't be late because i was twice. the driving classes were also fun. Mr. C, Bob, and the new guy (i frget his name) were great but Mr. Hazel needs to talk more. It was uncomfortable. My advice is to have already have your permit before taking the classes and have a lot of driving experience. you will do pretty much perfectly in the driving and quizzes because you know most stuff already. i learned a lot in the class. one big tip is to stay after in the first classroom class to schedule all of your driving lessons then so you don't have to wait about two months to start driving because the waiting stinks. i recomended the school to my friend who will get his permit soon. Go to this school because it is fun and you learn a lot. i have a road test in a little over a week and am not nervious at all because of my great training.

    • Published 3/22/2008 6:20 AM

      Mr. C

      Matt Thank you. You had the ability all along. What you needed to work on was your confidence. Being nervous is a built in mechanism we all have, it is what keeps us safe. Heck I’m nervous about dealing with some of the licensed drivers on the road and I have been driving for 33 years. I have had many students as well as parents thank me for the effort I give and I will tell you what I have told them. Drivers Ed is a four-part system: Classroom, Car, Student, and Parent. It takes all four parts for the system to work. The instruction we give in the classroom and the car stays the same for all the students. The variable is the amount of effort the students and parents want to give and that’s what makes the difference. I give most of the credit to the parents and students for their efforts because that’s what makes the difference. Mr. Hazel maybe had an off day when you saw him; we all have them. P.S. Remember the test is about safety. There is not a time limit so don’t rush. I also want you to stop by my car and show me the new license. Good Luck Mr. C.

    • Published 3/18/2008 6:26 PM


      I recently finished my driving hours at dedham auto school and found it to be a pleasure working with many of the instructors that work their. i found scheduling driving lessons were very easy and quick with the help of Mr. Black. In the car i found my experience to be a good one. With the help of Mr. C i was able to learn and build confidence to get on the road in the family vechicle and how to become a good driver. Mr. C was an awesome teacher and im glad that i got him. he never got mad if a mistake was made and laughed and joked and talked with us in the driver ed car. he was very down to earth and professional. I also Drove with Mr. Hazel who made me uptight and nervous. he told me i would never get my liscense and basically to pack it in . i wish that he would read and pay attention to these reviews so that he would understand that students would much prefer him to be nice understanding and pay attention to them and there needs insted of listening to talk radio. although he did say i did a good job at times there were many more of yelling and insults. i will soon be going to get my liscense and i would just like to say thank you to Mr. C and to the Dedham auto school for having such an impact on me.

    • Published 3/15/2008 8:22 PM

      sum kid

      the classes that mr. black teaches are very boring but i did learn a lot. and tryin to call to scedule anything is really hard i must have called at least 15 times oner 3 weeks and every time i got the answering service, finally when they did answer they claimed to have returned every one of my calls...

    • Published 3/5/2008 6:02 PM

      wouldn't you like to know

      ok honestly, why are you people putting mr black down. i think he is a very nice guy and, he does talk alot, but so do alot of people. and i think hes a good teacher, i leaned alot from him and i intend on learning more once i get my permit and start driving hours. so just because you think he was rude to you, he can't change the rules for one person he'd have to change them for all. he is a great man, a great teacher and i feel prepared to take my permit test after drivers ed with him. as for the other driving instructors i bet i will like them just as much. so honestly dont put people down especially on a websit, thats so hurtful and mean

    • Published 1/24/2008 2:13 PM

      student with LD

      I would just like to say that Mr. Black is an extremely unprofessional teacher who is rude and degrading to his students. I have not dealt with Mr. C, but have with Mr. Hazel and all I have to say is that MR. HAZEL CARES ABOUT HIS DRIVER ED STUDENTS.! I am a student with a learning disability, and since I knew Mr. Black was a Special Ed Teacher for his day job, I thought he would be accommodating to my disability, boy was I wrong. Parents with teens that have LD's, FYI: DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO DEDHAM AUTO SCHOOL. -- IT'S A WASTE OF MONEY AND THEY'LL FAIL THEIR LICENSE TEST.

    • Published 11/5/2007 1:09 PM


      To the student who posted October 31, 2007. Your parents must not have raised you very well as you are a sorry excuse for a teenager. Your are rude, and extremely disrespectful and your parents should be very ashamed of you. At least my daughter has respect for adults and whould never ever dare right such a nasty email as you did. You did not deal with Mr. Black, I did and there I have heard numerous complaints regarding him and his staff that warranted that email, also, if you are so bright, why do you not read the post before mine and see why I sent that out in the first place. You have a lot of growing up to do, I hope your judgement when you are behind the wheel of car is not reflected in the email you sent.

    • Published 10/31/2007 9:11 AM


      now to the adult with the comment below me. im sorry but if you go and say that your an adult dont you think that you would be able to spell your name right? i would also like to say what is the point of writing such a nasty post at 6:10 am on a wednesday morning should you be the good "adult" and be getting your children ready for school and yourself for work? i must say though your maturity level in the last post is that of a 9 yr olds. im sorry to say but i think that your a sorry excuse for an "adult". but i would like to say that in mr. c's defense and mr black's that they are good teachers. mr c is a calm cool and collective person. i was very fortunate to have him for a teacher. he was very understanding of the fact that i was nervous and made me feel comfortable behind the wheel. Mr black was the same way he made driving fun unlike Mr. Hazel. Dont let this so called adult bother you mr. c and mr black you are very good teachers! oh and to rebecca you might want to think about growing up and being able to stand up for your self and not have your mother jump into the situation. otherwise im sorry to say but you just might grow up to be like your mother... a sorry excuse for an adult!

    • Published 10/3/2007 6:10 AM

      Doloroes Porziella

      Mr. Black is a very unprofessional adult, as I was questioning him about his scheduling his class he became very abusive and started screaming like a lunatic at me Rebecca's mother an adult. I have heard other insistances of Mr. Blacks style and just to show you how vindicative this man is he could not wait to post on this website and defame my daughter Rebecca who had nothing to do with the altercation. As you can see the immature adult in this situation is Mr. Black not I as he could not wait to get to this website and post inflamatory information about myself. Mr. Black and he picks on 16 year old children who get extremely intimidated by him and his attitude. Why is he picking on a 16 year old. My name is Dolores Porziella and I am Rebecca's mother. He is defaming a nice girl without even knowing her. I am paying him to teach my daughter not to have me return my call and verbally abuse me and defame my daughters name this is going to. The facts speak for themselves he was not guilty of what I am stating above, he would not be so quick to come to this website and blacken an innocent girls name.

    • Published 7/13/2007 7:37 AM


    • Published 7/13/2007 7:37 AM


    • Published 7/12/2007 6:18 PM


      Mr. C was a great teacher I was lucky to have him for the majority of my drivers ed sessions. He taught with a very professional style .

    • Published 1/21/2007 6:14 AM

      Mr. C,

      To all my past, present and future students who have read or will read the Rebecca e-mail, please do not pay attention to this e-mail as it was composed and written by (sorry to say) immature adults looking to discredit me as an instructor and to harm Mr. Black and the Dedham Auto School. The Dedham Auto School is a fine Auto School with a fine reputation. Please do not lower yourselves to the level of the childishness shown by the adults that wrote the Rebecca e-mail. Instead post the positive experiences you have had in the classroom or the car. This will help Mr. Black, Mr. Hazel and I to provide a more informative, concise and pleasurable experience for our students. If you do have a concern, speak to Mr. Black and the concern will be addressed. Mr. Black is always willing to listen to input and keep our students at the highest level possible. It is my choice to be an instructor for the Dedham Auto School and that choice is based upon the schools reputation. My past and present students have made this a very enjoyable and rewarding experience for me, and I look forward to having many more mature students behind the wheel with me as their instructor. I can only hope that the adults that wrote the Rebecca e-mail are not owners, instructors, or plan to open their own driving school. Sincerely, Mr. C.

    • Published 1/17/2007 12:07 PM

      Rebecca is wrong.

      first of all Mr. C... don't listen to "rebecca"... you know that you don't yell at students. rebecca... you must be talking about mr.hazel or because never in my life have i ever heard of mr.c yelling at anyone, ever. he has made my driving hours very informative and fun, never once saying anything that could be taken as an insult. you can tell that he loves what he is doing and enjoys teaching people how to drive. even if someone was rude to you, dont let that upset you. it is not there place to be putting you down because you are there to learn, hence the name 'auto SCHOOL'. so if they think they can treat you like that.. tell them to find a new job. mr.hazel is known for taking kids to the office near four corners and making them sit in the car for 25 minutes while he "drops off papers". come on... he is getting paid to sit in the office... while he is taking away from our driving and observation hours. that seems a little crazy. he is also known for slamming on the brake, insulting students and making students cry while in the car. i believe you were mistaken when you wrote about mr.c. and if is reading this... no one is making any of this stuff up about mr.hazel as much as you might like to think they are. no one is lying about him being a bad teacher in the car. sorry. thanks for your time and THANKS MR.C FOR MAKING DRIVING HOURS SO MUCH FUN AND FOR TEACHING US SO WELL =)

    • Published 1/15/2007 2:25 PM


      Rebecca, I am working to pay for this course myself. I have had one lesson with Mr. Hazel and learned nothing and sat at the office for 30 minutes! Mr. Hazel is the one that listens to sports radio and the oldies and does not explain anything. Mr. C always says to the students in the car "don't wait for me to shut up, that will never happen".

    • Published 1/12/2007 8:59 AM


      Rebecca you MUST be thinking of Mr. Hazel. Mr. C is the complete opposite. He is soo good at teaching and explaining and NEVER EVER yells. Yeah so do beware of Mr. Hazel he slams on the brake really hard and has made girls cry.

    • Published 1/9/2007 1:57 PM

      just finished here!!

      the only good thing about this school is one of the driver instructors..Mr.C, he is the best ever and made me enjoy my driving hours. beware of'll have a stomache the wholllle time.

    • Published 1/7/2007 2:43 PM


      ok must blow because mr. c is the man and doesnt yell at anybody so therefore you must be a horrendous driver

    • Published 1/2/2007 6:53 AM


      When I went on my second driving lesson (and second time driving in my entire life) I went with Mr. C. I was nervous the entire time and the only time when he spoke to me was when I was doing something wrong. I would have understood this if he had just told me what I did wrong and how I can work on it. Instead, he yelled at me for the mistakes I made and made me feel stupid. It got to a point at the end of the lesson where even began to cry. I've never felt so humiliated and stupid in my entire life. I thought at first maybe it was just me (which, in turn, made me feel worse) but upon finding out from friends and peers that he was like that with all his students, I began to feel not so much humiliated, but angry. Kids will pay much more attention to what is said when it's not screamed in their face. Repetition is fine, but when repetition turns into a tone of annoyance and anger, if only for a little bit, a student like myself will become self conscious and will be more preoccupied with not upsetting the instructor than they will be about actually driving the way they're supposed to be. I apologize if this seems awkwardly written. I just felt it had to be said.

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