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Arlex Auto Driving School Inc
Arlington MA 02474

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  • Reviews for Arlex Auto Driving School Inc

    • Published 6/15/2015 7:09 AM



    • Published 9/1/2011 6:50 AM

      A Student

      i have never met such rude people. i have been yelled at multiple times by mr garber and patti, which is uncalled for and for no reason. never send your kids here, i am scared and so reluctant to go to any of the lessons i have left.

    • Published 6/28/2011 11:52 AM


      i was very hurt by the experience and will never recommend arlex auto school to anyone they were rude to me and when i did something wrong i got an extreamly angry response from the instructor it made me want to cry. i have never been treated so poorly in my life. save yourself the time, trouble, and money and find an auto school elsewhere

    • Published 6/28/2011 11:42 AM


      the instructors are not the nicest and personally when i got into the car for my lessons the car was very uncomfortable and the i was very intimidated. when i messed up i got repremended in a less than respectful way and i didnt enjoy my experience

    • Published 11/4/2010 4:25 PM


      good real lessons. i learned a lot. thank you sean

    • Published 10/27/2010 10:33 AM


      bad. go elsewhere. theres a good one in wilmington

    • Published 7/13/2010 1:35 PM


      Very accommodating for driving hours. my sports schedule is tight and Mr. Garber went out of his way so I could get my license this summer. Thank You, Mr. Garber

    • Published 5/19/2010 5:51 AM


      Excellent behind the wheel training. Awesome instructor taught defensive driving manuvers

    • Published 1/7/2010 10:29 AM


      getting my license through arlex was a great experience. everyone was so helpful and they really teach you what you need to know to be a good driver.

    • Published 12/31/2009 7:50 PM


      Arlex could not have done more to accommodate our tight schedule. They made the whole process straightforward and seemless. We could relate to the anecdotes offered in classes. Thank you.

    • Published 8/6/2009 8:26 AM


    • Published 4/28/2009 7:12 PM


    • Published 3/3/2009 11:17 AM



    • Published 1/21/2009 11:11 AM


      well, thanks, I was going to sign my son up for this school, but your responses are similar to my experience where I had sent them emails and got no response--will try somewhere else

    • Published 10/24/2008 5:04 PM


      Run away from this school. Do not sign your child up for this school. Their technology level is 1970's at best. They are unable to respond to messages left on their answering machine, and they are rude when you walk in to schedule driving times.

    • Published 9/13/2008 4:40 AM


      I am highly frustrated by this school. The classes were mainly rants against teenage driving, with limited useful information. We have been trying to schedule driving times, and after 6 phone calls over the course of SIX weeks, they have only managed to call back and schedule one driving lesson slot. Stay away from this place -- I had heard they were rude, but I had no idea how bad it could be.

    • Published 9/4/2008 5:05 PM


      Unbelievably rude and difficult. Does not return phone calls. I guess you don't have to be decent when you have all your money up front.

    • Published 7/22/2008 9:34 AM

      Mary Jane

      very rude, limited knowledge

    • Published 5/29/2008 3:25 PM


    • Published 2/26/2008 2:54 PM



    • Published 2/24/2007 8:41 AM



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