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Street Smarts of Maryland, Inc.
Ellicott City MD 21043

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  • Reviews for Street Smarts of Maryland, Inc.

    • Published 5/16/2018 4:26 PM

      Disappointed parent 2

      I am dissapointed in the office. I call and call and leave messages with no response. They are inattentive and rude. I just would like to be able to call the company and get a person on the phone so we can complete the class and move on. I do NOT reccomend this drivers ed company.

    • Published 2/3/2016 5:39 PM


    • Published 11/4/2015 2:02 PM

      Disappointed Parent

      When we heard all the positive reviews about Street Smarts, we were thrilled to sign our son up for driving school through them. We paid in full on line at the time of registration. Classes were to begin in October. These classes were cancelled. After FIVE phone calls, ("office manager" Jennifer apparently doesn't like to answer the phone), we received confirmation via e-mail that our son was enrolled in the November sessions. Three days away from the start date, after being assured this would not happen again, we were notified that classes were again cancelled. We moved family events around to accommodate the change and they did this to us again! I enrolled my son in Greg's Driving School and was assured that his class will not be cancelled. Dealing with Street Smarts has been a disappointment and my son could have finished his classes over a month ago. No apology was offered. Not a way to treat your customers. We will certainly share our experience as we have many friends who have children of driving age. The reason for the one star rating is that I could not submit the review without picking at least one star. They don't deserve that.

    • Published 1/31/2013 3:34 PM

      rochelle hill

      please call 410 799 8694 would like more information about your school

    • Published 10/29/2011 6:09 PM

      Ashleigh C

      I took this class at Mt. Hebron with a few of my friends back in the Summer and it was much better than we thought it would be. We had Mike as our instructor and he made the class interesting and fun to be there :) My in car instructor was Ms. Sue and she did a great job helping me through the parking skills. I just passed my test at the MVA on the first attempt. I would definately recommend this school to my friends!

    • Published 12/23/2010 2:49 PM

      Shane - Marriotts Ridge Parent

      I enrolled my daughter into the July class at Marriotts Ridge. She is my third and last child to go through drivers ed and the first to go t0 Street Smarts. All I can say is "What a difference!!" My daughter was done the classroom in 2 weeks and she finished her in-car sessions by September. When my 2 sons took drivers ed with a different provider, I don't recall ever having a conversation with their instructor. My daughter's instructor met me both before and after each lesson to see how she was doing and to let me know what he observed. My daughter just passed her test at the MVA on her first attempt!! To Mr. John and the rest of the Street Smarts Organization - Keep up the great work!

    • Published 6/28/2010 2:32 PM

      Lois Blevins - Mt Hebron HS Student

      My daughter has been driving for almost one year today...she was taught by the best! Not one ticket, not one accident, and she is VERY responsible behind the wheel. I attribute her attitude, skill, and know-how to Street Smarts of Maryland! Thanks you...your staff comprised of current and former law enforcement made her sit up and listen to the course content more seriously! Many Thanks Again!!!!

    • Published 3/20/2010 9:36 PM


    • Published 2/23/2010 3:15 PM

      Hockey Mom

      My son was taught by the staff at Street Smarts of Md. He really enjoyed the class. The teacher of the class was a retired police officer from Howard County . My son's really liked the new cars they have . He drove a 2010 Nissan.A few years ago my daughter took drivers education class and the company that we used at the time (not Street Smarts) the car she had to use looked like it was ready for the junk yard... and dirty windows too. We used the 2 extra hours behind the wheel time to make sure he was ready for his driving test ! He was passed with flying colors! Great job guys !

    • Published 11/8/2009 7:32 PM


      I took their class a Marriotts Ridge in September. The teacher was a retired police officer who made the class interesting with his stories. The 3 hour class made for a long day but knowing I would be done in 2 weeks made it worth my time. I have already recommended my friends to this school.

    • Published 9/18/2009 7:24 PM

      Go Vikings

      I took this course up at Mt. Hebron in July and enjoyed it. Their police instructor knew the material and was able to provide his real life experiences to the class. I was also finished my in-car lessons in 3 weeks. Would recommend this class to all of my friends.

    • Published 3/17/2009 6:52 PM

      Century Mom

      I had heard my daughter's friends complaining so much about their driving school I figured we would try Street Smarts. They were teaching at the school and I had heard some nice compliments about them. My daughter told me the class wasn't what she thought it would be and that she learned alot. Then we got a call after the first week of class and my daughter had her first lessons on the road. She actually completed the course in 4 weeks and after each lesson, the instructor spoke with me and told me how my daughter did and what to practice on. I would highly recommend.

    • Published 2/27/2009 4:50 PM


      I enrolled my son in this course and thought it was excellent. I attended the first and last day of the class and found the instructors to be both friendly and knowledgeable. They started his behind the wheel lessons on the 2nd week and he was finished within the month. With 2 extra hours of defensive driving lessons, you get your money's worth with this school. I won't hesitate to enroll my daughter next year!!

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