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Advanced Driving School Inc
Silver Spring MD 20906

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  • Reviews for Advanced Driving School Inc

    • Published 7/1/2013 5:12 AM

      Tania Weiner

      Advance driving school closed in June 2010, a new school is open at the same location and they are great admiral driving school

    • Published 3/15/2011 8:37 PM

      becky m.

      teacher was very creepy, and hit on all of the girls in the class. he eventually got in trouble with MVA and the police... and this was their GOOD teacher. the rest are worst. AVOID!!

    • Published 12/28/2010 10:29 PM

      Duane Tarpley

    • Published 10/19/2010 6:26 AM

      jason weiner

    • Published 10/15/2010 5:55 PM


      wow this school is close but now is admiral driving school call the at 301-460-8100 there are great,,edgar

    • Published 4/13/2010 6:24 AM


      This school has a lot of issues with customers and lateness of drivers, recommend another school.

    • Published 2/22/2010 7:06 PM


      This is the best school.This is the best school, teachers are teaching very well, excellent in class and behind the wheel.they are excellent

    • Published 1/30/2010 12:04 PM


      this school is good but the behind the whiel teacher gets late everyday and while you are pratcing the fuel gas......i like the old teacher he is good

    • Published 7/28/2009 8:22 PM


      This school has good instructors and friendly instructors.

    • Published 7/7/2009 6:59 AM

      Upset Parent

      This is the worse school ever. The teacher is late almost every day. The driving teacher did not show up to my house as scheduled. They charge the most money in the area but the service is awful. Parents if you just want your child to receive a certificate this is the school. If you want your child to really learn the education of driving this is not the place for your child.

    • Published 7/1/2009 12:09 PM


    • Published 6/20/2009 11:38 AM


      it is good to learn a lot about driving licence

    • Published 4/3/2009 6:36 AM

      patrice kontchou

      the of people complains about instructor then I think he sould look at his fault.But it still has good looking for many people.

    • Published 1/24/2009 2:00 PM


      Cheapest school in the area, friendly staff, deff worth it

    • Published 8/29/2008 7:27 AM


      Thanks a lot

    • Published 8/18/2008 3:25 AM


      well if it can help people i givee it a 5 star

    • Published 8/6/2008 3:14 PM


      its been 6 weeks and i still haven't gotten my certificate. the room is tiny. they speak very poor English. they never follow through with what they are doing. especially the driving instructors, they skipped a day and didn't even call to tell me they weren't coming; now i have to make up that day the only thing that i learned was the easy way to parallel park. its not worth the money

    • Published 6/12/2008 7:57 AM


      i was able to complete the claasrroom & Behind The Wheel training in 2 weeks and then get my certification. that was cool

    • Published 6/11/2008 9:10 AM


      i hate all schools in general but i had fun with driving school. Am gonna call u guys as soon as i get my license. Thanks for all ur help

    • Published 5/30/2008 5:30 PM


      The cars are awesome and easy to drive, loved it

    • Published 5/28/2008 11:39 AM


      i passed my drivers test on my first attempt thanks you gies

    • Published 5/28/2008 11:01 AM


      i definately learned how to parallell park and do a 3 point turn with this school.

    • Published 5/10/2008 11:43 AM



    • Published 4/18/2008 10:08 AM


    • Published 4/9/2008 5:02 PM


    • Published 3/28/2008 3:01 PM


      Been waiting for the school's certificate for over 7weeks (since I finished the course). And I'm still waiting. They say I'll have it tomorrow or next week and they never do.

    • Published 3/15/2008 10:02 AM


      Classroom is small and overcrowded. Instructors do not speak clear English. DRIVING INSTRUCTORS NEVER SHOW UP ON TIME OR NOT AT ALL. SOMETIMES THEY DO NOT EVEN CALL TO SAY THEY ARE NOT COMING!!! When you Try to Call - the Phone is either hooked up to a computer and you get the scream of a modem in your ear, you get a message saying the number is temporarily unavailable, or it is busy. I have only gotten through on the phone one time and even that time they confirmed my sons driving time and then showed up an hour late. This Is NOT an Isolated Incident. My sons school sent 11 students to this driving school and MOST of the students have had these same problems. The principal tried to get the Manager to fix these problems and they have not been fix. My son is currently waiting outside for the instructor to show up - they did not show up at all last Saturday - and they are currently one hour late and have not called us at all to say why... I would NOT Recommend this school to Anyone!

    • Published 3/8/2008 1:27 PM


      Cramped Rooms... Speak English Very Poorly. Driving Instructors NEVER Keep to scheduled times! VERY ANNOYING!

    • Published 6/22/2007 5:14 PM

      Doesnt Matter

      Ok then what ther driving school should one go to??

    • Published 3/25/2007 5:54 PM


    • Published 12/4/2006 2:49 PM


      I thought the teachers were funny. I also learned an easy way to parallel park, so it didn't seem like that bad a school.

    • Published 11/12/2006 5:14 PM


      I agree with James, this is a poor excuse for a driving school

    • Published 6/15/2006 6:05 PM


      Someone should tell the MVA to close this school... it's that bad.

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