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Bwb Driving Academy Inc
Olathe KS 66062

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  • Reviews for Bwb Driving Academy Inc

    • Published 7/28/2017 1:05 PM


      A few years ago my oldest went through the BWB driving course; I was highly impressed with the whole process. Unfortunately I was looking online for info about them the website says the BWB is CLOSED PERMANENTLY! To the people who are angry about not getting returned calls, this may explain why! I'm sorry as I would like to use their services again, but there is nothing can be done except to look elsewhere.

    • Published 3/16/2015 6:58 PM


    • Published 4/7/2012 7:01 AM


      This school did an excellent job working with my childs busy schedule. The instructor bent over backwords to meet our demands.

    • Published 9/24/2011 5:41 PM


      Excellent driving school! I highly recommend this driving school, All these instructors have been working together for over 5 years, and really care about the success and safety of their students. They have high expectations but yet have such an easy-going approach, which was especially helpful to my son. All the staff are very customer friendly, and very personable. Take it from me as an area educator, this academy exceeded my expectations, as well as anyone and everyone I recommend this school to. The owner a retired Kansas State Trooper who drove with my son is a great and well respected man in the Kansas City area. The customer service and knowledge of the employees and driving instructors is incredible. Check out their website

    • Published 3/5/2010 8:58 PM


      I have been trying to contact them for a month. If I can get to a voicemail box that isn't full I do not get a call back. I need to verify my son's last class but they won't even call me back. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone at this point.

    • Published 10/27/2009 5:10 PM


      My daughter paid in full over the summer and as of october 28 2009 we have not yet received our final driving lesson. I have repetedly tried to contact the instructors and get no reply. I could take her to get her license but it's the principal that she paid 375.00 of her own money to get the insurance discount.

    • Published 11/2/2008 3:05 PM

      Owner of BWB

      THis is not our sight please contact us on our site.

    • Published 5/14/2008 4:48 PM

      fuck u

    • Published 11/24/2007 8:38 AM

      E. Jones

      I have four children and three of them have gone through this program since 2001. I have been very impressed with how well educated and prepared the instructors are and how they run the course. These guys care about students success and firmly believe in not having the students feel rushed(2 4-hour Sat. sessions vs. one all day 8 hr. class room session). There is no other program I feel is more qualified for our young drivers as this one, as one of the owners is a retired Kansas State Trooper. Kudos to this school, for making our streets safer for our young drivers with their expertise, and also giving them the chance to complete a defensive driving course that is offered to even better their learning, especially those who want discounted rates with insurance companies

    • Published 10/2/2007 7:17 PM


      I've tried contacting them for over two weeks now and have gotten no response.

    • Published 6/19/2007 5:36 PM


      Where do I get information on your driver education program, cost, lesson length, frequency and location.

    • Published 6/19/2007 9:06 AM

      Clark Thomas

      I don't know where they went. I only had a few lessons and they wouldn't call me back. BWB WHERE ARE YOU??????? They took my money and ran.

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