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Inter American Driving School
Bell CA 90201


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  • Reviews for Inter American Driving School

    • Published 2/3/2010 9:23 PM


      great school

    • Published 8/28/2007 4:35 PM


      First my daughter was scheduled to be picked up at my place of business at 0800, she was not picked up until 0835. Second my daughter called to find out what she would need to start the lessons. I had her call back to ask specifically about a lerners permit, she was told the school would provide the permit. Then after the first lesson she was told by her instructor that she would need a permit for the next lesson, which was scheduled for the next morning. My daughter was given a form and was told she would need that form to get her permit. When I got to the DMV I was informed I did not have the right form. When I called the school to inquire I was told the instructor did not know we were going to the DMV that day (even though my daughter was told she would need a permit before the next lesson). Third my daughter tells me that she had to keep the steering wheel held slightly to the left to keep the car in a stright line. Which tells me the vehicle was in need of a wheel alignment. This is a very dangerous condition for a beginner driver. Fourth the schools own paperwork states that the 6 hrs I have paid for are exclusively for my daughter. It also states that passangers are not allowed while the vehicle is operated by a student driver. During my daughter's lesson another student, which my daughter claims was less experience than her, was picked up and was a passanger while my daughter finished her lesson then my daughter was a passanger while the other student began her lesson.

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